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The Bilbao Summit Sheds Light on Women’s Football’s Future

UEFA Convenes Stakeholders to Discuss the Business Case for Women’s Football

UEFA recently gathered a range of pioneering investors, decision-makers, thought leaders, and influential stakeholders from across the world to discuss the immense potential of women’s football. The event, held before the UEFA Women’s Champions League final, presented UEFA’s research on the Business Case for Women’s Football, highlighting the huge opportunities for growth on and off the pitch.

The sold-out final at Bilbao’s San Mamés Stadium, which saw a record 50,827 fans in attendance, was a testament to the burgeoning interest and incredible quality of the sport’s finest players. This milestone event provided the perfect opportunity to reflect on the progress made and look to the future.

UEFA Vice-President and Executive Committee member Laura McAllister emphasized the need to challenge ideas and provoke further change to sustainably grow the game. She stressed the importance of attracting more investment and human resources to seize this amazing opportunity.

Increased Professionalization and Investment:

The Business Case data presented at the event showcased the rapid rise in sporting standards across Europe, driven by increased professionalization and greater investment in technical staff, facilities, and equipment. 84% of Europe’s top-division women’s clubs now have at least one youth team, with many catering for multiple age groups to nurture homegrown talent.

Spain, the current world champions and regular winners of international youth silverware, serves as a prime example of the benefits of investing in women’s football. Atlético Madrid, for instance, has 17 teams beneath the first team, providing 300 players with a high-performance training environment using the same facilities as the men’s team. This investment allows the players to train properly and develop their skills.

The UEFA Women’s Champions League final and the Business Case for Women’s Football event highlighted the immense potential of the sport and the need for continued investment and support to drive its growth and success.

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