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With 3700 Runners, 32nd Alaska Run for Women Receives a Huge Response

Saturday’s run on the UAA campus, aimed at raising funds and awareness for breast cancer and women’s health, saw 3,700 runners and walkers participating in person, with nearly 1,000 more joining virtually.

For over a decade, Serenity Orth has witnessed the Alaska Run For Women team, of which she is a part, grow from around 20 women to nearly 300. This year, she experienced first-hand the immense support and enthusiasm of the team, comprising Alaska Airlines colleagues and friends.

Orth was diagnosed with breast cancer in February. Despite receiving news earlier this week that she would need chemotherapy, she stood at the starting line on Saturday with other members of Alaska Airlines’ The Milk Run team.

“Not one single person here lacks a family member, friend, or loved one who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way,” Orth said. “This year, it’s very personal for me. We’ve got to fight for the future. Too many of us are affected by this.”

The Alaska Run for Women, now in its 32nd year, continues to champion this cause, raising funds and awareness. Saturday’s event on the UAA campus featured 3,700 runners and walkers, with nearly 1,000 more participating virtually. A total of 377 breast cancer survivors participated, including 270 in person.

Orth has been involved with The Milk Run team for 13 years. The team has grown significantly in recent years, thanks to team leader KC Hostetler, but it began with a group of flight attendants during the famed hopscotch flight through Southeast.

“It started as our flight attendant group,” said Tracey Laurion, who joined Orth at the start. “We kept it going, and now it’s grown to nearly 300 people. I’ve been retired for two years, but I still come back because of the community and support.”

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