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Protesting for Equal Rights, Thousands of Turkish Women Come on Streets Defying Ban

According to an activist group, since March 2023, over 338 women have died in Turkey.Despite a government ban, thousands of women celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday by taking to the streets of Istanbul, Turkey, and calling for equality and legislative changes to better protect women and advance their rights both domestically and internationally.
Despite an official ban on gatherings, they filled the air with chants and rallying cries while waving purple flags in honor of International Women’s Day.

“The world would shake if women were free,” “Resist for rebellion, resist for freedom,” and “Woman, Life, Freedom,” they chanted.

Some women claimed they found their own methods to get to the protest site and take part in it, despite the police having restricted access to the streets some hours beforehand.

“I have been here in this coffeeshop today at 1 pm to make it here at 7:30 pm,” Irem, 35, told sources.

“Women’s rights are basically nonexistent in Turkey right now,” she added.

In March 2012, Turkey became the first nation to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which establishes legally obligatory guidelines to deter and punish gender-based violence. But nine years later, in 2021, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s Islamic-leaning administration decided to withdraw Turkey from the convention, making it the first and only nation to do so. They felt the treaty undermined their conservative principles.

Irem cited the growing number of femicide incidents in Turkey over the previous ten to fifteen years and claimed that the Turkish government has been regressing in its support of women’s rights.
A well-known activist group in Turkey, We Will Stop Femicide, claims that since March 2023, 338 women have been murdered and 248 have passed away under questionable circumstances.
The campaign also stated that 36 of these women’s ex-husbands, 47 of their lovers, and 134 of these women’s husbands killed them at home. The gang claims that two of the victims had no idea who had murdered them.

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