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An Event Encouraging Women in Motorsports Held at Silverstone

A deputy team principal stated that “absolutely nothing holding women back” from pursuing professions in motorsports.

The reason why women made up only 31% of the workforce in the sport, according to Stephanie Carlin of Rodin Carlin, a British manufacturer in the Formula 1 feeder series Formula 2, was not because to a lack of “ability”.

Speaking at a discussion at Northamptonshire’s Silverstone Circuit, Ms. Carlin focused on the employment opportunities available to women.

This October, girls get free admission to Silverstone Museum.

Since the 1970s, no woman has competed in Formula 1, and according to a recent report, 10% of all levels of competitive motorsport are occupied by female participants.

There were, according to Ms. Carlin, “lack of role models and examples” in the field.

Speaking at the primary and secondary school levels, Ms. Carlin stated: “Girls aren’t usually picking STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) topics since they aren’t typically perceived as more of a female subject.

“When we look up and down a pitlane in a Formula 1 race there are no female drivers, there are very few female engineers and mechanics and I think it’s quite hard for girls to imagine that could be an option or a job for them.”

Alongside women in a variety of roles off the track as well as on it, she spoke at the event.

Junior driver for Alpine and member of the F1 Academy Abbi Pulling stated: “My message is to just give it a go and really open your mind up to the world of motorsport ”

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