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Sara Long, the Education Authority’s Chief Executive, has Resigned

The Department of Education “must work to quickly fill the post” following the resignation of the Chief Executive of the Education Authority (EA), according to Sinn Féin.
In April 2019, Sara Long became the EA’s Chief Executive Officer.
It has been reported that she will be departing in April 2024 to accept a new position as Regional Executive Officer for one of the recently formed health regions with the Health Service Executive (HSE) in Ireland.

“Sara has made an outstanding contribution to the EA and the wider education sector,” stated EA Chair Barry Mulholland. “She first served as Director of Operations and Estates from 2016 to 2019 and then as Chief Executive for the past five years, during which time she advanced an ambitious program of transformation and service improvement.”I want to express my deep gratitude to Sara for all of her efforts and best wishes for the future.The Board will now see to it that the proper plans are made in order to find a new CEO.

MLA for Sinn Féin According to Pat Sheehan, the Chief Executive of the Education Authority position needs to be filled as soon as possible by the Department of Education.

The spokesperson for the party’s education policy stated: “Given the current staffing gaps within the Education Authority, and the fact there is no minister in place as a result of the DUP’s blockade of the Executive, it is crucial there is leadership in place to guide them through the challenges ahead and deliver for children and young people.” Sara Long, the Chief Executive of the Education Authority, resigned today, and the Department of Education must work to fill the vacancy as soon as possible.

Sara joined the Education Authority in 2016 and previously held the position of Director of Operations and Estates. She has been in charge of several different services, such as home-to-school transportation, school lunches, school maintenance, and capital development.

Prior to this, Sara had a long career in the health and social care sector. She started out as a general management trainee in 1999.

Sara has held several management positions at the Western Health & Social Care Trust in more recent times. She most recently served as the Director of Performance & Service Improvement and as an Assistant Director at the Health & Social Care Board, which is a regional organization.

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