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Female Entrepreneurs Speak to the US Congress about Business Potential in Northern Ireland

On Capitol Hill, two young businesspeople will speak to US senators regarding the economic prospects in Northern Ireland.
Emma Stephenson and Khaula Bhutta will be on stage at Congress with Joe Kennedy III, the US special envoy to Northern Ireland for economic issues, as part of a team organized by Queen’s University Belfast, to talk about the prospects brought about by 25 years of peace.
Representatives from the US government and business community will be present at the event on Tuesday, which is being organized in collaboration with Irish American Congressman Richard Neal.
The two will discuss their own experiences of being young women in a society emerging from decades of violence and launching their own enterprises.

Ms. Stephenson, a Queen’s graduate engineering student, co-founded Feminatech, the company that developed the software M-Power to assist women in tracking and managing menopausal symptoms, such as identifying patterns and making lifestyle modifications.

She said: “I am so excited to have this opportunity to speak about my journey as a young female entrepreneur in Northern Ireland.

“It was during my studies that I and four other women studying were supported through an entrepreneurship module where we founded Feminatech. “Our company is passionate about improving female healthcare with a current focus on menopause. “We’ve benefited from the growing community of investors, businesses and organisations, and have been blown away by the support available for young entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. “I’m looking forward to meeting and connecting with others, and hearing their stories too.”

Ms Bhutta is a recent law graduate from Queen’s and has channelled her passion for human rights and social justice into an entrepreneurial endeavour.

Her initial By establishing connections between legal practitioners and marginalized and vulnerable populations, inclusive law seeks to humanize and streamline the legal support access process.

She said: “This opportunity organised by Queen’s to engage with members of Congress is a significant milestone and incredibly meaningful. “It’s a chance to showcase the purpose and vision behind Inclusive Law but also the resilience and creativity of female entrepreneurs in Northern Ireland. “I am excited to share my story and advocate for improvements for access to justice. Inclusive law is more than just legal expertise, it’s about trust, empathy and shared lived experience.”

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