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Courtney Adeleye, the Creator of Mane Choice, Has Hired 1,200 Women

Courtney Adeleye, the founder of haircare brand Mane Choice, has launched Olbali, a direct-selling company specializing in wellness products, aiming to empower women, particularly Black women, to become entrepreneurs. Olbali, established in 2020, offers a range of products, including coffee, organic pH-balancing sanitary items, and multivitamins. Customers can also become direct-selling associates of the brand, creating their own businesses.

Adeleye has already enlisted over 1,200 women, primarily Black, to sell Olbali products using direct marketing approaches. She prefers to call them “business associates” rather than “independent distributors,” highlighting that Olbali fosters a collaborative community where women are provided with education, resources, and support.

Courtney Adeleye was inspired to create Olbali during the pandemic, realizing the potential for entrepreneurship, especially among individuals facing job losses and economic challenges. She sought to provide opportunities for others while expanding her suite of brands through direct selling.

Olbali is distinct in the direct-selling industry, primarily because it’s led by a Black woman and fosters a strong sense of community among its associates. Adeleye’s involvement with her business associates and her commitment to accessibility, including no upfront costs for associates, have been crucial to Olbali’s appeal among Black women. Olbali aims to empower Black women in a largely white-dominated direct-selling space, offering products that are inclusive and cater to a diverse customer base.

The company emphasizes celebrating individuality and providing opportunities for self-expression and entrepreneurship without conforming to conventional industry standards.

Courtney Adeleye’s Olbali demonstrates a commitment to supporting women’s economic empowerment and fostering a supportive and inclusive entrepreneurial community.

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