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Tipperary Resident Fiona O’Neill Caution Women on the Rapid Escalation of a Drinking

“The same way as someone would have the good habit of going to the gym every day, I was looking forward to my drink every day,” she said. “I was in work and the longing to get home for a drink at 3 o’clock in the day, and it just started to creep in unknown to me.” Daily drinking, according to her, “fed” into every part of her life, including her family and career. “I was really depressed about my boys.

“With alcohol lingering in my system, anything might have occurred as I got into the automobile. Sometimes I get so mad at myself for that,” she admitted. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) stated that although there is typically a spike in assistance requests around this time of year, this month has seen a particularly large surge in requests.

A growing number of women are reportedly seeking help for “problem drinking” and going to AA meetings. According to a spokesman, the helpline saw 139 calls in the first two weeks of this year as opposed to 30 calls in the same time frame previous year. This concerning tendency has also been observed by other organizations that assist individuals struggling with alcohol addiction.

Drinking problems are rarely caused by drinking “on its own” for women, according to Paula Leonard, CEO of Alcohol Forum Ireland. “There is usually something else quite complicated that needs to be dealt with in a therapeutic setting,” she stated. She feels that in light of the concerns surrounding women’s presentations, services have to become more “trauma informed”. “Women frequently turn to alcohol as a self-medication and trauma coping mechanism.

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