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Census Acknowledges Women’s Crucial Contribution to Agriculture

The substantial contribution that women make to the agricultural sector is highlighted by the most recent Fiji Agriculture Census.

Women make up 14% of Fiji’s farmers, according to the census, and they are vital to the industry since they provide resources and labor.

Shashi Kiran, the assistant minister for women, children, and social protection, highlights the census results and notes that her ministry has been leading the charge to advance gender equality in the agriculture sector in partnership with the ministry of agriculture and waterways.

The Gender in Agriculture policy was introduced as a result of this endeavor, emphasizing the goal of reducing the gender gap in Fiji’s agriculture sector.

“The policy outlines the specific plans of action, duties, and strategies that were carried out for gender equality.”

She highlights that acknowledging the rights of men and women in the agriculture sector, particularly with regard to food security, livelihood, and economic growth, requires a commitment to gender equality.

Kiran also expressed her appreciation for the Ministry of Agriculture’s outstanding work in giving over 500 women farmers access to farming resources this fiscal year.

In order to promote equality and guarantee that both sexes have equal chances and respect in this important sector, it is imperative that we acknowledge and celebrate the priceless contributions made by women in agriculture.

It supports the agriculture sector’s ability to promote food security and economic growth in addition to empowering women. It has been observed that the involvement of women in agriculture in various stages has been important with regards to the efficiency and the role played.

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