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Taylor Swift’s Mastery of Branding: Meet the Top Creators of 2023

As Forbes prepares its annual World’s Most Powerful Women list, one name that’s been suggested multiple times for inclusion is Taylor Swift. While Swift is renowned for her music and impact on various industries, recent events have showcased her influence in unexpected ways.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour had a profound economic impact on local state economies, amounting to billions of dollars. Furthermore, the upcoming Eras Tour Movie is poised to become the highest-grossing concert film ever, with predictions that it will achieve this feat during its opening weekend.

What’s particularly interesting is Taylor Swift’s influence on the NFL. When she attended a Kansas City Chiefs game to support her rumored love interest, Travis Kelce, it drew millions of additional viewers to the broadcast. This highlights Swift’s power to transcend industries and capture the attention of diverse audiences.

Swift’s influence extends beyond viewership numbers. Her presence at the game significantly boosted Travis Kelce’s marketability. Kelce experienced a surge in social media followers, amassing around 500,000 new fans over the weekend. Additionally, his merchandise sales spiked by approximately 400% on platforms like, making him one of the top-selling players. This surge in interest goes beyond Kelce’s on-field performance and underscores Swift’s ability to drive engagement and consumer behavior.

While Taylor Swift’s place on Forbes’ World’s Most Powerful Women list is yet to be determined, these recent events demonstrate her immense influence and reach. As Forbes continues its reporting and selection process, it’s clear that Swift’s impact extends far beyond the music industry, making her a prominent figure to watch in various domains.

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