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Stovekraft launches a new franchisee concept for women in honor of its 100th store

Stovekraft, a brand specializing in cookware, kitchenware appliances, and consumer lighting, has introduced an exclusive franchise opportunity for women with zero capital expenditure (capex) investment. This initiative was unveiled during the launch of the brand’s 100th store.

Rajendra Gandhi, Managing Director of Stovekraft Limited, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering women and integrating them into various roles within the organization. Currently, approximately 80% of Stovekraft’s workforce, including both managerial and operational roles, comprises women.

The “Exclusive Franchise Opportunity for Women” initiative aims to support women entrepreneurs and encourage their active participation in the retail sector. This initiative aligns with Stovekraft’s broader vision of inclusivity and empowerment for all stakeholders.

Stovekraft Limited ventured into the retail sector just 14 months ago, in June 2022. Despite the relatively short period, the company has rapidly expanded, reaching the milestone of 100 stores. This expansion reflects Stovekraft’s strong commitment to establishing a robust retail presence across India, bringing the latest advancements in kitchen technology and design to households nationwide.

As Stovekraft continues to grow and strengthen its retail footprint, the franchise opportunity for women represents a significant step toward fostering entrepreneurship and gender diversity in the retail sector, aligning with broader efforts to empower women in various facets of business and commerce.

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