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Top 18 International Female Student Scholarships

Over the years, women have fought tirelessly to destigmatize their presence in education and the workforce. Movements, campaigns, and protests have all contributed to the understanding that education is equally vital for women as it is for men. Despite this progress, UNESCO reports that 129 million girls are still not in school, with 32 million in primary school age and 97 million in secondary school age.

While primary and secondary school enrollment rates for both genders tend to be equal, the completion rate for women is significantly lower, especially in lower-income developing countries. In regions like South Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East, the participation of women in the labor force remains low. UNESCO attributes these disparities to gender bias, poverty, and violence against women.

Universities offering tuition-free education are helping mitigate this issue. Institutions such as the Technical University of Munich, the Free University of Berlin, and the University of Hamburg provide opportunities for education regardless of financial barriers.

Notable companies like Alphabet Inc, Microsoft Corporation, and Adobe Inc have made strides in empowering women through scholarships, fellowships, and development programs. They have been pivotal in fostering female leadership and promoting gender diversity in the tech industry.

In entrepreneurship, women have taken significant steps forward. Women make up 47% of entrepreneurs in the US, with notable startups like Helping Hand, Naturemetrics, Umgraumeio, Flash Forest, TrashCon, and Aquacycl making impactful contributions across various sectors.

As education and exposure are essential for turning ideas into reality, equal education and employment opportunities for women are crucial. Women-friendly policies are necessary to provide financial support and pave the way for more self-made female leaders. The journey toward women’s empowerment is ongoing, but with continued efforts, women can continue to excel in education, entrepreneurship, and beyond.

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