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Sabina Higgins Honoured One of Ten Inspiring Women at Co Kildare Book Launch

To recognize and honor people and organizations that have positively impacted the lives of other women in their community, nominations are now being accepted.

At the launch of the limited edition book honouring women’s innovation and courage, Ms. Sabina Higgins was one of ten “inspiring women” to receive recognition.

At the launch of “A Little Book of Brigid,” which took place in Narraghmore, County Kildare, 10 dynamic and inspirational women received copies of the book as a token of appreciation for the work they have done to support women in their communities around Ireland.

Ms. Sabina Higgins, who received the first edition of this limited-edition artist book, was a great honour to have at Blueway Art Studio.

These books are being donated to organizations that support women in their areas or advocate for women’s rights, or to inspirational women.

“A Little Book of Brigid” is the result of six months of intense labour by Blueway Art Studio’s Angelina Foster and Emily Rainsford, who were supported by the Brigid 1500 initiative of Kildare County Council and Blueway Art Studio.

Foster and Rainsford have assembled a collection of 28 illustrated poems, using traditional printmaking techniques, that are devoted to all the women who have been overlooked throughout history and to every young girl who aspires to be great.

A chance to demonstrate the elaborate procedures that went into making the book—including the use of letterpress, screen printing, and coptic stitch book binding—was given during the launch event. Some of the writers performed poems to the audience, and the project’s dedication to honouring remarkable women who have changed their communities was demonstrated by the volumes being presented to chosen beneficiaries.

Due to the work they have done on behalf of women in their community, each of the ladies receiving an edition of one of these books has been nominated by other women in that community.

The recipients of the last few copies of “A Little Book of Brigid” are now accepting nominations.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response to ‘A Little Book of Brigid’ and deeply grateful for the opportunity to share this unique project with the world,” enthused Angelina Foster of Blueway Art Studio.

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