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Queensland Women Empowered with $1B Investment for Wellbeing and Health

The Miles Labor Government has unveiled the Queensland Women and Girls’ Health Strategy 2032, backed by a substantial investment exceeding $1 billion over the next five years. This strategy is a response to input from nearly 12,000 Queenslanders who shared their insights and recommendations for enhancing the health of women and girls. Addressing concerns raised by respondents, such as the need for increased mental health support, the strategy allocates almost $27 million towards expanding social worker resources to provide more comprehensive mental health services.

Initiated since November 2022, the Strategy has been molded through a thorough engagement procedure. With nearly 12,000 contributions, it stands as the most substantial response to any government survey in Queensland’s history, shaping the execution of this unprecedented investment. The consultation unveiled critical health issues concerning Queensland women and girls, spanning mental health, chronic conditions like endometriosis and pelvic pain, maternal care, and sexual and reproductive health. As an integral component of the Strategy, the Miles Government is set to allocate $250 million in fresh funding to implement 34 new initiatives aimed at tackling existing health disparities and providing improved gender and trauma-informed care.

Seventy percent of respondents highlighted mental health and wellbeing as one of their top three health concerns. In response, $26.95 million will be allocated to bolster mental health support and counseling through the addition of more social workers. This investment complements the recent announcement of $18 million dedicated to expanding virtual and telephone mental health services for women, alongside enhancements to 13 HEALTH aimed at better addressing women’s health needs.

Furthermore, the $1 billion Strategy encompasses vital investments for women and girls residing in regional, rural, and remote areas. Notably, $10.2 million has been earmarked to establish a free, walk-in women’s health hub in the Far North.

Additionally, $46 million will be allocated to establish four new walk-in clinics throughout Queensland, offering free, convenient, nurse-led care within local communities. Furthermore, feedback underscores the common experience among women and girls of feeling dismissed or misdiagnosed within the healthcare system, an issue directly targeted by the Strategy. Moreover, insights from the Australian Women and Girls’ Health Research Centre at the University of Queensland have contributed to shaping the Strategy’s approach.

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