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MRT’s Women-only Coach is a Huge Hit

Whenever Nurfatiha Mohamed took the MRT, she felt uneasy, especially during rush hour when people would be standing next to each other.

The 21-year-old, who is studying education in Kajang, Selangor, said, “I felt uneasy and worried when I boarded the train because there were so many stories of women being harassed in public transport.”

She and other female riders found solace in the women-only coach that was added to the Kajang MRT line in September.

“Riding the MRT made me feel much more comfortable and secure when they introduced the women-only coach. And I accept it constantly, even when I have to stand during rush hour,” Nurfatiha remarked.

After a successful three-month experiment that started in mid-September, Rapid KL’s women-only coach has been a regular presence on the Kajang MRT line.

Given the widespread support the initiative has received and the apparent decline in sexual harassment complaints since its launch, the Transport Ministry and Rapid KL, the rail operator, are considering extending the service to further lines.

Male travellers like financial advisor Daniel Tan support the project as well.Why not, if it makes the MRT safer? Everyone should support it, especially if it encourages people to use public transportation, the 45-year-old stated.

A portion of the second and third coaches on each of the 35 train sets that make up the Kajang line will be designated as women-only seating areas, or women-only coaches.

Currently, men who inadvertently wander into the carriage are instructed to relocate to the usual coaches located at the front or rear of the train by either Rapid KL employees or the passengers themselves.

According to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, Rapid KL has had less passenger reports of sexual harassment since the trial started in September.

Loke said reporters following an event to declare that the facility will now be a permanent fixture, “In the first quarter of 2023, we received eight complaints of harassment; in the second quarter, 11; and in the third quarter, eight complaints.”

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