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Kristin Omreng | Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources | PGS

Kristin Omreng: Cultivating Thriving Workplaces Through Passionate and Visionary HR Leadership

Meet Kristin Omreng, the Senior Vice President of Global Human Resources at PGS, whose professional journey is fueled by a passion for cultivating a workplace culture where leaders and employees globally can thrive and develop together. For Kristin, work is not just about completing tasks; it’s about creating a meaningful impact, fostering connections, and contributing to something greater.

In her role, Kristin is dedicated to delivering strong results and continually enhancing processes and deliveries. She believes that work is a collective effort where individuals come together to be part of something bigger. This ethos guides her leadership, emphasizing the importance of personal and professional growth for the benefit of both individuals and the company.

Described by her team as passionate, visionary, ambitious, and supportive, Kristin’s leadership style revolves around caring deeply for her team. She invests time in coaching and closely following up with her direct reports, going the extra mile to achieve results. Kristin is committed to spending time with her team and the broader organization, ensuring effective communication and sharing updates and plans. Always open to new ideas and perspectives, she encourages a collaborative environment where everyone’s input is valued.

Kristin’s leadership is not just about overseeing HR; it’s about creating a workplace where people feel connected, engaged, and inspired to contribute their best. Through her dedication to both individual and collective growth, Kristin fosters an environment where work is not just a task but a shared journey of continuous improvement and meaningful impact.

Connecting People with Business Strategy

Kristin’s childhood was marked by a global lifestyle as her father worked in the oil & gas industry, leading to a diverse upbringing in various countries. This unique experience fostered skills such as adaptability, cultural understanding, and the ability to build relationships with diverse individuals. After completing her master’s in business and economics at the Norwegian School of Management, Kristin ventured into Executive Search and Leadership Selection, eventually transitioning into various HR roles in oil & gas and maritime companies.

For the past four years, Kristin has served as the SVP Head of Global HR at PGS, a global geophysical company specializing in gathering offshore survey data and using cloud computing to image the earth. Geophysics plays a crucial role in energy security and transition.

Kristin’s passion lies in connecting people and business strategy. She sees endless opportunities within a company, believing that each individual possesses great untapped potential. Helping both people and organizations grow together is her key focus, leading to impactful results.

Creating a Global Culture of Inclusion and Collaboration

At PGS, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace globally is a top priority for Kristin and her team. Recognizing its significance as an enabler of engagement, growth, and diversity and inclusion among the workforce, they emphasize transparent communication, equal access to learning and development, and consistent deployment of collaboration tools and information.

Kristin and her team create virtual and cross-location arenas to build bridges between different teams, ensuring that all employees feel included and a sense of belonging to the same team. This approach aims to cultivate a workplace culture that is supportive, collaborative, and values the diverse contributions of its members.

Vision of HR Leadership

Kristin emphasizes that HR leadership varies across contexts and organizations, encompassing an understanding of business context and trends that shape the industry. An effective HR leader must comprehend the impact of these factors on the organizational model and future competency requirements. Shaping a holistic approach involves developing the company’s culture, nurturing leaders at all levels, and ensuring employees acquire the skills and capabilities needed for the future, ultimately supporting business performance.

According to Kristin, a strong HR leader is business-savvy, possesses excellent communication skills, can connect with diverse individuals, and is adept at developing and implementing processes and tools that facilitate strategic organizational development. This multifaceted skill set is essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of HR leadership and contributing to the overall success of the business.

Unique Perspectives for Collective Success

Kristin doesn’t really feel like being a female leader has led to any special treatment. However, she acknowledges that her ideas and perspectives may differ from others in the room, which could be attributed to her unique background rather than her gender. Regardless of these differences, Kristin sees it as her responsibility to share her views and opinions, recognizing that diversity involves tapping into various perspectives in the room to collectively bring new insights. This mindset reflects a commitment to leveraging diverse viewpoints for the benefit of the overall team and organization.

The Evolving Role of HR in a Dynamic Business Landscape

Kristin’s primary source of information and trends is her extensive network, particularly within the HR space in Norway and internationally. She enjoys staying connected with her network, engaging in discussions on topics that currently captivate them. She observes a significant evolution in the role of HR, which has become a critical part of any organization due to rapidly evolving trends shaping the business context. The focus has shifted towards people and their ability to adapt to the changing business landscape.

Over the past 5-10 years, HR processes have undergone a transformation, becoming more standardized, sophisticated, and digital. This shift allows for a greater emphasis on data-driven HR processes and support, with increased focus on HR Business Partnering. This closer collaboration between HR and business leaders facilitates the development of a stronger organizational culture, employee engagement, and leadership competence.

Embrace Diverse Experiences and Continuous Growth

Kristin suggests that HR professionals should seize every opportunity to learn and grow by exploring various HR roles. Exposure to different facets of HR delivery enhances understanding and skill development, creating pathways for new career opportunities.

Excelling in each role along your HR career path and consistently expanding your professional network can open doors to more significant HR challenges and advancements. Embracing a diverse range of experiences and continuously building expertise contributes to a fulfilling and successful HR career.

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