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Austin Lampson | Branch Manager and Licensed Mortgage Professional at Homeowners Financial Group

Austin Lampson: Transforming the Home Financing Experience

Austin Lampson, Branch Manager and Licensed Mortgage Professional at Homeowners Financial Group with over 15 years in the industry is your mortgage ally, committed to building lasting client relationships. With a goal to streamline and smooth the mortgage process, Austin ensures clients receive the best service while collaboratively determining the most suitable mortgage product.

Below are highlights of the interview that showcase Austin Lampson’s commitment to engaging in loan transactions and making the mortgage process as efficient and smooth as possible for her clients.

Congratulations on being recognized as one of the Most Admired Women Leaders in the Mortgage Industry in 2024! How does this accomplishment resonate with your personal and professional journey so far?

Thank you! I am so grateful for this platform to share and hopefully inspire others to keep moving forward. I think so many of us are focused on the day-to-day – how do we improve, what problems can we solve, who is in front of us—that we tend to forget how far we’ve come. Part of the journey is to be present with what we have.

As a Branch Manager and Licensed Mortgage Professional, what strategies or leadership approaches do you believe have contributed to your success and recognition in the industry?

Considering acts of service and words of affirmation are my two love languages, I’m all about getting folks to collaborate towards a common goal. Responsible lending isn’t a tagline; it’s the guiding force that I feel we should use to make the system work for everyone. We work to accomplish a balance of math and emotion from a professional perspective.

Homeowners Financial Group is known for its commitment to excellence. How do you ensure that your branch aligns with the company’s values and maintains a high standard of service in the mortgage industry?

HFG is a company with a great heart and aligned actions. Folks like to participate in the Culture Committee, and everyone writes two thank-you notes a week. We also focus on improvement & giving back. We will change practices based on client feedback.

In your role, you likely encounter various challenges in the mortgage landscape. Can you share an example of a significant challenge you’ve faced and the strategies you employed to overcome it?

It’s obvious that our financial systems have started to get too flush in recent years. So many people had too much access to cheap money, and it created some bad habits. I’ve seen folks with over $100,000 in consumer debt that are so emotionally attracted to that sub-3% first mortgage rate that they skew their budgets and create compression. We have to constantly be looking at our options based on the data and long-term goals.

As a leader, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment is crucial. How do you promote diversity and inclusion within your branch, and what impact do you believe this has on both your team and clients?

We have to meet everyone where they are and bring people together to create more. Everyone can bring something to the table in their own way. Asking more questions creates more Introductions & opportunities. I am also working with our local Association of Realtors on a DEI initiative here in Santa Barbara.

The mortgage industry is constantly evolving. How do you stay updated on industry trends and ensure that your team is well-prepared to adapt to changes and provide the best service to clients?

Ask questions about your network. Seeing what other professionals are positioning with gives you opportunities to expand your resources. There is always more to learn and improve. I’m also a big fan of guideline updates. I am a nerd at heart. We can’t figure out what fits if we don’t know the guidelines.

Being recognized as one of the Most Admired Women Leaders implies a level of mentorship and inspiration. Can you share an experience where you mentored someone within your team and witnessed their professional growth?

Because of the nature of what we do, if you can facilitate the mathematical and emotional balances of clients financing homes, then you can work in just about any office environment. We have many highs and lows; folks pull off almost miracles, and not every offer gets accepted. It’s great to see team members figure out how to incorporate practices and relevance in other fields as well.

In your opinion, what are the key factors that set Homeowners Financial Group apart from others in the mortgage industry, and how do these factors contribute to your success as a branch manager?

Some companies go after markets: what the price tag is in an area. HFG wants to align itself with good people to do good things. This company sincerely works to get things done while still focusing on collaboration over concession.

Building strong relationships with clients is essential in the mortgage business. How do you approach client relationships, and what steps do you take to ensure their satisfaction throughout the loan process?

Everyone has their own focus for what makes sense, so we have to be sure we ask enough questions to understand, with enough options for review. It is also important to recognize key points in a client’s lifecycle and ensure a real human checks in at those times. Following up, as promised, is key to success.

As a leader, you likely have a vision for the future of your branch. Can you share some of your goals and initiatives for the coming years and how they align with the broader goals of Homeowners Financial Group?

Vision without mission and purpose becomes a daydream. By focusing on metrics, gratitude, and education, we know we will move the needle. HFG also works to be efficient and kind. It’s the combination of all that we integrate into our daily team meetings to stay on track.

The title “Most Admired Women Leaders” suggests recognition not just for professional accomplishments but also for leadership qualities. What leadership principles do you hold dear, and how do you instil these in your team?

There are five levels of leadership, and each one has its own implications from day to day. Our purpose is to give other people money. We want our clients to have stable homes, build wealth, and understand and benefit from credit. We work to provide transformational service. The only way to do so is to constantly work to improve ourselves.

Looking back at your journey, what advice would you give to aspiring women leaders in the mortgage industry, especially those who aim to make a significant impact and be recognized for their contributions?

Be yourself, only bolder. There’s always room for more bright stars. Fall in love with the why, the mundane, and the thirst for knowledge. Realize that the highest level of service is as a caring professional.

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