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Investment is Still a Mountain to Climb For Women Business Owners

The NI Investment Summit (NIIS), scheduled for September 12 & 13, is set to shine a global spotlight on Northern Ireland’s business talent, providing a unique platform for local businesses to showcase their innovations to over 100 world-renowned investors. The event is expected to attract a diverse range of investors from various industries, including software, technology, health, and life sciences.

This summit is particularly significant as it offers an opportunity to address the issue of gender disparity in funding distribution, which is a challenge faced by many women-owned businesses. In 2022, less than 2% of UK equity funding went to all-women founder businesses, and Northern Ireland received just 1% of UK equity funding.

Companies like Kinsetsu and Aflo, founded and led by women entrepreneurs, will be presenting at the NIIS, highlighting the innovative contributions of women-led businesses in Northern Ireland. This event aims to create a platform for meaningful conversations about equal funding distribution and to facilitate connections between investors and emerging businesses.

The NIIS not only serves as a showcase of local talent but also positions Northern Ireland as a lucrative investment hub with significant potential. The event’s focus on inclusivity, innovation, and forward-thinking discussions aligns with efforts to close the finance gap and establish Northern Ireland as a dynamic tech hub beyond London.

The summit’s role in promoting investment opportunities and fostering an environment of gender equality underscores the need for sustained progress in funding distribution, ensuring that both women-owned and other businesses have the chance to thrive. This collective effort is expected to contribute to the long-term growth and success of Northern Ireland’s business landscape.

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