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Tucson based Businesswomen Create a Natural Soap Business

Reflecting ardent undertaking of societal significance. What it means to be a business owner is changing as a result of women. According to recent surveys, women are launching firms at a rate twice as high as men, with many of these entrepreneurs being over 40. Women in Oro Valley launched a soap company to address an issue they identified with bath and body goods. The Broken Circle Soap Co. is the name of it.

It began as a side project driven by passion rather than money. It’s now having an effect on society. Tahnee Wilson, the creator, stated, “This is just a big batch of soap that comes in a slab mold.” “I just disassemble it into smaller soap bars.” The designer is her cousin Desiree Davis. Each and every body and bath product is handmade. We put our hearts into it, so it’s incredibly significant to us,” Davis remarked.

Davis works as a loan officer and real estate agent when they’re not creating items. Wilson works as an airway therapist. They are both mothers. How did the notion come about, 13 News inquired?
“In a way, through divine intervention,” Wilson remarked. The cousins discussed an almost identical business idea over coffee.

“I was wondering how I could make the bath more enjoyable because my son was struggling with it,” Davis remarked. Wilson added, “And at the time, my son had eczema. I was looking for recipes on how to make my own soap for him, and natural products.”A year or so passed as they tried formulations on friends and family before opening an internet store for The Broken Circle Soap Co.
Wilson claimed, “She was storing all the products in a 10×12 room in her house, and I was making out of a 10×10 shed in my backyard.”The demand skyrocketed within months, with many things selling out. They thus relocated into a storefront production studio.

These four-ounce toy soaps are part of our kid’s range. Precious is our kids’ line,” Davis remarked. “This is the dinosaur soap; this is the unicorn soap. We have our digger soap as well.
Candles start at $18 and go up to $4 for lip butter. There is a men’s line as well.
The company has not only started their families on a path of empowerment, but it has also been a healing process.

“I and Desiree have experienced numerous generational tragedies. as well as the generational cycles that our parents and their predecessors handed on to us. And we made the decision to end those cycles as soon as we became mothers. Cycles resemble an endless circle. We shattered all of those cycles, which is why The Broken Circle Soap Co. got its name,” Davis explained. We therefore founded this company to provide a secure haven where individuals can feel supported in their quest for healing. As the business expands, they intend to employ and mentor more women.

The Broken Circle Soap Co. hosted a ribbon-cutting event last weekend, hosted by the Oro Valley Chamber of Commerce. The Town has seen the opening of 106 new small companies since December 2020.

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