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How the Founder of Piglet & Chestnut Amassed Her Business Empire

Gemma Spalding-Tunnicliffe, a single mother from Norfolk, has transformed her life from relying on benefits to successfully managing two six-figure businesses within just 18 months. A few years ago, she found herself struggling with child tax credits, housing benefits, and income support, receiving around £1,100 per month. Faced with the prospect of living in a mold-infested flat provided by the council, she made the courageous decision to turn her life around and pursue her entrepreneurial dreams.

In August 2018, Gemma launched Spalding’s School of Sciences, offering tutoring in math, physics, and chemistry. Within a short period, her tutoring services gained traction, and she started receiving bookings consistently.

Motivated to change her situation and provide a better life for her children, Gemma worked hard to overcome the challenges associated with being a single mother on benefits. Her ambition and determination paid off, leading her to create her second business, Piglet & Chestnut, which sells eco-friendly gifts and craft kits.

The success of both businesses enabled Gemma to achieve a six-figure income. In a remarkable achievement, Piglet & Chestnut is set to open its first physical store in Chantry Place, Norfolk, joining well-known brands like Zara and Lisa Angel.

Reflecting on her journey, Gemma attributes her success to hard work, determination, and dedication. She emphasizes that her accomplishments are the result of perseverance and the willingness to put in the effort to achieve her goals.

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