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GOLFTEC Opens the Vistas to More Women to Golf game

Haya Ghassan Alsulaiman stands out as the sole female golf business owner in the UAE. Leading the way at GOLFTEC, an indoor golf instruction and club fitting facility, Haya aims to broaden female participation in the sport through various initiatives. GOLFTEC distinguishes itself by employing cutting-edge technology to offer personalized coaching and training solutions, utilizing tools like motion sensors, video analysis, and data-driven insights to cater to golfers of all skill levels.

Explaining her decision to establish a golf business in Dubai, Haya cites the city’s vibrant golfing culture, business-friendly environment, strategic geographic positioning, and diverse demographic as key factors. Dubai’s strong community of golf enthusiasts, coupled with world-class courses and a steady influx of affluent residents and tourists, provides ample opportunities for GOLFTEC to thrive.

To encourage junior participation, GOLFTEC offers innovative teaching methodologies that integrate technology, making learning engaging and effective for tech-savvy young golfers. Additionally, personalized coaching ensures instruction tailored to each child’s abilities and goals, fostering a supportive environment that promotes confidence and enjoyment of the game.

GOLFTEC’s strategic location within the city, such as in Dubai’s City Walk, offers convenience for parents, with surrounding amenities allowing them to entertain themselves while their children attend lessons. Plans are underway to collaborate with local schools to establish programs for students, further expanding the reach of golf education among children in the region. Through these initiatives, Haya aims to bridge the gender gap in golf participation and nurture a new generation of golf enthusiasts in the UAE.

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