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Shadha Musallam | CEO of Agritopia

Harvesting Hope: Shadha Musallam’s Vision for a Resilient Agricultural Future

Shadha Musallam—a young, energetic woman fueled by an insatiable curiosity for innovative ideas, passionately navigating the realms of agricultural transformation. Shadha’s journey is an intersection of dedication and wanderlust, a fusion that defines her approach as the CEO of Agritopia.

Her zest for life extends beyond boardrooms and into the realms of exploration. As Shadha immerses herself in new and rich experiences through travel, a profound connection emerges between her personal pursuits and professional aspirations. Her professional trajectory is more than a career; it’s a quest where passion and purpose intertwine.

In her role at Agritopia, Shadha’s leadership echoes a commitment to innovation and efficiency in agricultural technology. The confluence of her interests manifests in a visionary approach that propels Agritopia toward new horizons.

Dive into her world, where innovation meets agriculture and join in cultivating a sustainable future together!

Founding Futures

Shadha’s entrepreneurial journey began in the heart of Palestine amidst the realm of gender and women’s economic empowerment. As a specialist in an international development project, she stumbled upon the world of entrepreneurship during a hackathon. “Wow, this is amazing; I mean, I could do this too!” she thought, the spark of inspiration igniting within her. Fast forward to 2021, Shadha embarked on a transformative 14-week journey with Founders Institute/Palestine, a Silicon Valley entrepreneurship program. “It was a rigorous yet rewarding experience,” she recalls.

Months later, Shadha, alongside her co-founders, officially founded their company which is a milestone in itself achieved in mid-2022. Since then, the team has tirelessly crafted and launched four products, with two already making waves in the market and two in the pipeline. “Our journey is a testament to the potential within every aspiring entrepreneur. With determination and the right support, dreams can become reality,” Shadha asserts.

Collaborative Excellence

As the driving force behind her family-founded company, Shadha emphasizes an inclusive leadership style centered on dialogue. “I think my leadership style revolves around inclusivity and discussions,” she shares. With a clear delineation of roles, Shadha entrusts her co-founders with specific responsibilities. “My co-founders are fully in charge of product development, local maintenance and some marketing,” she notes.

In contrast, Shadha assumes a strategic role in overseeing the company’s vision and translating it into reality through management, hiring, fundraising, marketing, networking, and pitching opportunities. This collaborative approach ensures an amicable balance, fostering a dynamic environment where each team member contributes to the company’s success.

Revolutionizing Agriculture

In the burgeoning landscape of Palestine’s agricultural sector, Shadha pioneers the introduction of agricultural technology, a novel concept in the local market. The biggest hurdle is explaining to our potential customers the importance of the technology and how much it would save them time, effort and money in the long run. Shadha points this out highlighting the challenge of steering farmers from traditional practices to modern tools. However, this transition is met with resistance requiring a delicate balance of education and persuasion.

Compounding the challenge is the obstacle of procuring tech inputs for hardware development, a feat made more complex under occupation. Shadha laments, “Since we do not have full control of our borders, we face limitations on what we can import and export.” Despite these hurdles, Shadha remains undeterred, determined to usher in a new era of efficiency and sustainability in Palestinian agriculture. This reflects not only her entrepreneurial tenacity but also a commitment to pushing boundaries for the greater good.

Maximizing Yield, Minimizing Impact

Shadha passionately advocates for indoor farming as a pivotal technology that revolutionizes agriculture. “I believe that indoor farming is quite an important technology since it provides the plant with the optimum environment for it to grow and thus reduces the quantities of pesticides needed,” she asserts. The efficiency extends to resource utilization, requiring significantly less fertilizer and water for each cycle. Shadha sees indoor farming as a boon in regions grappling with water scarcity, insufficient farmlands, or challenging climates.

At Agritopia, a fully automated indoor farming unit takes center stage. “Our system allows for planting 1600 plants per cycle on a small area of 35 square meters, maximizing production in a very limited space,” she proudly shares. This innovation not only addresses resource constraints but also emphasizes sustainability, embodying Shadha’s commitment to transforming agriculture into a more efficient and eco-friendly endeavor.

Innovate, Evolve, Impact

Shadha shares a business strategy focused on impact rather than profit. “Our business strategy revolves around making the best products that really make a difference and have an impact on the ground,” she affirms. The driving force is a commitment to improving the lives of clients through innovative solutions.

Under Shadha’s leadership, the company underwent a remarkable evolution characterized by systematic development. “Before I was the CEO, there was no structure, no policies, no tools within the company,” she recalls. Taking charge, Shadha initiated a paradigm shift by crafting essential policies such as HR, financial, gender, and environmental policies. She laid the foundation for a robust infrastructure, implementing a financial system and strategically hiring skilled individuals for various roles. “I also worked on producing the company’s branding and related visibility tools,” Shadha adds, emphasizing the comprehensive approach taken to ensure the company’s growth and positive impact.

Efficiency and Longevity

Armed with a Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences, Shadha spearheads a commitment to sustainability in her company. “Since we started the company, my priority was to create an environmental policy prioritizing sustainability wherever we can,” she explains. The company operates under specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and stringent requirements to prevent negative environmental impacts during manufacturing, installation, or maintenance.

Shadha underscores its sustainable manufacturing practices, focusing on efficiency and longevity. “We rely on using as few parts as possible and incorporate resistant components that need less frequent replacement or repairing,” she notes. Shadha’s environmental ethos is not just a policy but a guiding principle ensuring that their technological advancements align with a broader commitment to preserving and nurturing the environment.

In Sync to Succeed

As a startup, we always emphasize the importance of employing people on the same page as us,” Shadha asserts, highlighting the crucial role of a cohesive team. Navigating uncharted territories in both market and technology can be challenging, particularly in marketing.

Shadha addresses this hurdle by fostering a team with a shared mentality and goals. “By engaging our employees that have the same mentality and goals as us, it is easy to have them align with our missions and values,” she explains. This alignment stems from a shared understanding of the importance and impact of their work creating a unified force driving the company’s mission forward.

Triumphs in Entrepreneurship

Under Shadha’s leadership, the company achieved notable successes, standing as the sole Palestinian company selected in two rounds for the “Water and Energy for Food program (WE4F) – MENA region call.” Shadha proudly states, “Through that program, we were awarded a grant of $75,000 USD.” In 2023, her participation in the “Ignite” Investment Readiness program yielded another triumph, securing a grant of $50,000 USD. Shadha emphasizes the importance of skills in proposal writing, commitment and a willingness to learn for such accomplishments.

Last year, Shadha’s selection for the “She Wins Arabia” program, funded by the IFC brought further recognition. This resulted in being promoted on different platforms, including a pitching competition in Marrakesh. Beyond external accolades, Shadha’s personal contributions shine as she created fundamental company policies and managed the financial structure, underscoring her multifaceted role in the company’s success.

Step by Step

With aspirations to reach a global audience, Shadha shares the company’s expansion plans for 2024. Acknowledging the challenges of the small and politically unstable Palestinian market, the focus is on venturing into the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. Shadha outlines the strategic approach, starting with participation in the Step Conference in Dubai. “Hopefully, we will be able to network and expand in the area,” she expresses.

The expansion plan extends to Morocco and the broader African market. Shadha emphasizes the importance of overcoming cultural diversity challenges through collaboration with local partners. “Whenever we are thinking of expanding into a certain area, we also do a market assessment, which includes cultural behavior,” she explains. This meticulous approach involves integrating partner companies that can provide insights into local practices and traditions. Shadha’s vision extends beyond borders and the company’s expansion strategy reflects a thoughtful and culturally sensitive approach to establishing a global footprint.

Local Roots to Global Heights

Shadha envisions Agritopia as a formidable multimillion-dollar enterprise with a global footprint. “My vision for Agritopia is to grow into an impactful multimillion-dollar company spread across multiple countries in the MENA region, as well as in the African and Asian market,” she articulates.

Shadha’s aspirations extend beyond financial success—she aims for her products to make a meaningful impact on the lives of farmers worldwide recognizing their pivotal role as the foundation of society. This vision encapsulates both a business goal and a commitment to fostering positive change in communities across diverse regions.

Start Anytime, Anywhere

Reflecting on her journey, Shadha imparts valuable advice to her younger self. “I would advise my younger self to learn about entrepreneurship and finance early in life,” she shares, advocating for a balance between education and real-world experience. Her counsel is to spend less time in the education system and more time in the workforce, emphasizing the importance of practical application.

Shadha underscores the significance of embracing mistakes as learning opportunities at a young age. “Apply what I learn and learn from my mistakes,” she advises, encouraging a proactive approach to building experience.

Despite entering entrepreneurship later in life at 34, Shadha dispels the notion of age limitations. “Nothing is too late in life. Just start whatever age you are, wherever you may live and whatever your idea is about,” she asserts, inspiring readers to take the leap into entrepreneurship, acknowledging failure as a profound teacher on the path to success.

Bold Beginnings

Embracing the wisdom of Nelson Mandela, Shadha encourages aspiring entrepreneurs with the words, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” Her advice is straightforward—Just start! Shadha emphasizes the importance of action and learning through the journey. She reassures everyone that it’s OK to fail along the way, pivot and change your plans, ideas and systems.

The crux of her guidance is breaking free from the perfectionist trap, especially pertinent for women entrepreneurs. Shadha acknowledges that waiting for perfection can hinder progress stating, “That lack of self-confidence is making them less likely to have the assertiveness to pitch their ideas or ask for funding.” Her personal insight concludes with a valuable lesson—Not everything needs to be perfect, but it needs to be in motion.

Nurturing Nature

Shadha states, “My best advice for these women is to go for it!” She recognizes the pivotal role women traditionally play, from seeding to food processing. “Women are no stranger to this field,” she affirms, acknowledging the ancestral knowledge combined with modern-day science, especially for those with STEM backgrounds. Shadha urges women to overcome the fear of failure and actively contribute to the agri-tech sector. “It is important to overcome the fear of failure and strive to make an impact,” she emphasizes.

Highlighting the enduring significance of agriculture, Shadha notes that as long as humans exist, so will agriculture. “Food is a basic need for life,” she states, underscoring the perpetual room for improvement and discoveries to enhance agricultural efficiency. Shadha’s vision extends beyond productivity, emphasizing the crucial balance needed to conserve the integrity of farming and the overall health of soil, water, crops, biodiversity, and human well-being.

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