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Dynamic Women leaders and Entrepreneurs Honoured with ‘Fire Within’ Awards

On April 18, 2024, the Great Falls Development Authority hosted the 13th annual ‘Fire Within’ awards at the Lifestyle building in downtown Great Falls. These awards aim to honor and celebrate female entrepreneurs within the community, recognizing both emerging talents and established successes.

The awards are divided into two categories: Aspire awards, for women business owners who have been operating for one to five years, and Inspire awards, for those with over five years of experience.

Rebekah Jarvey, an indigenous fashion designer whose work has graced runways in Paris and New York, expressed her gratitude upon receiving the Aspire award. She remarked, “Getting this award and being recognized for my fashion and how far I came in my journey. It really means a lot to me.”

This year, the awards served as a validation for the dedication of 31 women entrepreneurs. Jaimee Gregoire of Dahl House Aesthetics shared her feelings, stating, “It just really empowers me to continue to drive forward, continue to grow, continue to thrive, and really develop as a business owner and an entrepreneur in the community.”

Here is the list of the ‘Fire Within’ award recipients:

Inspire Award winners :

Aspire Award winners are :

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