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SHE Founders Launchpad Bolsters the ‘Growth Mindset’ in Women Entrepreneurs

SHE Founders, a prominent advocate for women’s entrepreneurship, hosted its second event, SHE Founders Launchpad 2.0, on April 24th at Etherea coworking space in Noida.

She Founders is a pioneering platform and mobile application dedicated to empowering and connecting women entrepreneurs. It offers a supportive and collaborative community to help women thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The SHE Founders Launchpad 2.0 event aimed to cultivate a nurturing ecosystem for women in business. It brought together established female Founders in attendance, the event was filled with uplifting stories as participants shared their entrepreneurial journeys, fostering a strong sense of empowerment and collaboration.

Driving this visionary initiative are Rakhee Singa entrepreneurs, industry leaders, investors, and mentors for a day focused on inspiration, education, and networking.

With over 50 SHEl, a respected figure in the startup ecosystem and founder of Easyknowledge, and Shivani Singh, a seasoned media professional with 25 years of experience at Star TV, ESPN, and Discovery network. Together, their diverse backgrounds, insights, and expertise align with their shared passion for supporting women entrepreneurs, leading to the creation of SHE Founders.

We are excited to host the She Founders Launchpad event in collaboration with Etherea-coworking as we believe in the power of women entrepreneurship to drive innovation and change”, said Rakhee Singal, this event is a celebration of women leaders who are shaping the future of business and technology. 

‘’SHE Founders is a game-changing platform for women entrepreneurs, offering a user-friendly app that serves as a Networking Hub to connect with fellow founders, mentors, and experts’’, said Shivani Singh. We urge you to share your successes, challenges, and triumphs with the SHE Founders community that understands and celebrates your journey.

SHE Founders functions as a dynamic Resource Center, providing customized tools and educational content. Entrepreneurs can utilize it as a Visibility Platform to showcase their businesses and accomplishments, unlocking new opportunities. Additionally, it offers robust Community Support, fostering vibrant forums where entrepreneurs can seek advice and share experiences.

The event featured keynote addresses from renowned speakers representing diverse backgrounds and industries. They shared their insights, experiences, and strategies for success in entrepreneurship.

Shilpa Ajwani, Founder & CEO of Unomantra and Founder of SHEmantra, emphasized the potential for solving the world’s biggest challenges by unleashing the latent feminine energy. She stressed the importance of offering women entrepreneurs and leaders an equitable playing field for the benefit of all.

Varija Bajaj, Founder of Varija Lifestyles, Varija Home, and Varija Life, commended SHE Founders for its successful launch and its mission to bridge the gap in leveraging women’s support systems. She acknowledged the significant role women play in entrepreneurship and the importance of maximizing their support networks for success.

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