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Danielle Wallington a Dynamic Entrepreneur Introduces New Flockhere App for Businesswomen

A new social networking app and portable office booking platform has been launched by St Albans entrepreneur Danielle Wallington, designed specifically for women who work from home. The app, named Flockhere, aims to revolutionize the local business scene by offering a supportive community and flexible workspaces for female founders.

Danielle Wallington explained, “We’re not just another networking group. At Flockhere, we provide all the connections, networking, and business support you need — plus the fantastic perk of booking a local workspace at no extra cost. I’m overwhelmed with the support Flockhere has received so far. It’s filling a significant gap in the market for networking opportunities and flexible workspaces for women who work from home. I’m thrilled to finally launch this exciting new app in St Albans.”

The app launch event, held last week at The Hub, was attended by around 150 people, including local businesses, exhibitors, and crowdfunder contributors who raised £21K in just 35 days back in 2022.

Flockhere is a social networking app that connects women working from home to ideal workspaces and like-minded individuals. Whether you’re looking to move away from the kitchen table or find a venue that matches your vibe, Flockhere has got you covered with curated spaces tailored to your needs.

In addition to offering great venues, Flockhere hosts co-working events and meet-ups, fostering a supportive community where members can connect, collaborate, and get inspired. The app provides laptop-friendly spaces and flexible booking options that seamlessly integrate into your work-life routine. It’s time to step out, discover new places, and join a community of like-minded women with Flockhere!

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