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Claudia Patricia Eusse, CEO of The Eusse Group, Featured as a Leading Woman in Real Estate

In the real estate sector, Claudia Patricia Eusse is a shining example of leadership and a proponent of gender equality. With more than two decades of marketing and real estate experience, she has greatly aided the expansion and prosperity of the industry, especially in South Florida, Las Vegas and California.

Since starting her real estate career 20 years ago, Claudia Patricia has been instrumental in assisting some of Miami’s top luxury developers. Claudia, the CEO of The Eusse Group, has been a valuable asset in advancing projects such as ARIA RESERVE MIAMI by Melo Group. Under her leadership, the project has seen exceptional success, with sales surpassing $200 million in the past two years.

She made a smooth transition from broadcast journalism to real estate by applying her knowledge and expertise to succeed in a new field. The fast-paced nature of real estate deals contrasted with the rigorous daily routines required by journalism, which enabled her to modify her strategy and succeed in her new position.

Claudia’s people-oriented personality, developed during her journalism profession, has been useful in her real estate endeavors, enabling her to establish a closer connection with her clients and comprehend their needs. She is devoted to the accomplishment of this $1.8 billion project, which is very important to her and the Miami community. She is currently the Vice President of Sales for ARIA RESERVE MIAMI.

Claudia’s narrative demonstrates the ability to overcome obstacles and achieve success in industries that have historically been controlled by men when one possesses resiliency, enthusiasm and persistence.

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