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Considering New Denim? Price Breakdown Over Time Can Help Decide

As inflation continues to pose challenges to consumers’ budgets, a growing number of shoppers are adopting a “cost-per-wear” approach to their purchases, focusing on durability and longevity rather than simply chasing the lowest price. This mindset shift is leading retailers to adjust their marketing strategies, emphasizing the value of well-made and versatile items. Gap’s Old Navy, for instance, is offering a year-long refund guarantee for uniforms bought during back-to-school shopping, while Kohl’s and Untuckit are highlighting the durability and versatility of their products in their campaigns.

Brittany Penny, a brand director, has been practicing the cost-per-wear approach for years, calculating the value of her wardrobe investments by tracking the number of times she wears each item against its cost. While this strategy resonates with consumers who prioritize quality and sustainability, it might not be feasible for those on tighter budgets.

Notably, fast-fashion brands are still attracting customers despite this trend. Chinese e-commerce retailers like Temu and Shein are experiencing significant user growth, highlighting the complexity of consumer behavior in the face of rising prices.

The cost-per-wear calculation is prompting shoppers to become more thoughtful about their purchases, considering both the quality of the item and its long-term usability. Retailers like Kohl’s are adapting by showcasing different ways to wear items in their marketing, encouraging consumers to make more informed choices and invest in products that offer lasting value.

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