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Charlott McAnsh Saga of Rising from Burnout to Successful Business

Four years after walking out on a corporate career suffering from burnout, Charlott (CORR) McAnsh has rebuilt her life to become an award-winning entrepreneur.

After reading a book about burnout, the Swedish-born, Cwmbran-based business owner recognised the signs and realised she needed to make major changes in her life.

Two weeks later she handed her notice in and joined Jamie McAnsh, the motivational speaker, disabled adventurer and entrepreneur whom she married in 2021, in his business and now helps to connect 2,500 small business owners around the world through networking.

My experience is in events and catering, but I met Jamie in 2019 when I was living in Abergavenny and working for an online auction firm selling fine-string instruments, according to Mrs. McAnsh.

“My profession brought me all over the world because it was one of the best online auction companies in the world. Although it may sound glamorous, it was everything but when your bags are constantly packed and you can be hurrying to take a trip the following day to pick up instruments.

After talking about my career for two hours with Jamie while walking our dog one day, she continued, “I realised that something needed to change.”

Jamie gave me the book “Made it Thru the Rain to light the journey ahead” written by motivational speaker and author Beverley Jones.That weekend, I read it, and it helped me. I came to the realisation that severe burnout would result if I didn’t make a change.

It assisted me in identifying burnout’s warning signals. After a 25-year relationship that ended badly, I became reclusive and avoided socialising with friends. I also lacked confidence and felt damaged. As someone who has always been outgoing and enjoys interacting with others, I discovered that I was in a very lonely situation. I had the confidence to quit my job and ask for assistance because of Beverley’s book.

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