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Women’s Association in Louth Raises €54,500 for Regional Non-profits

The community force behind the Drogheda Dolls group may have kept a lesser profile than in previous years, but they were nevertheless able to earn about €55,000 for four local projects through their raffle on New Year’s Eve.

The charity’s founder, Natalie Kelly, acknowledged that the challenges faced by individuals made it more difficult to reach their goal than in previous years, but they succeeded in the end. As a result, Drogheda Homeless Aid, St. Nicholas Women’s GAA, Drogheda Foodshare Project, and Drogheda ABACAS School will all receive a portion of the astounding sum raised.

Natalie, who also established the Drogheda Dolls Community House last year, says, “It was amazing as I really didn’t know if we would make it in the end as people are finding it really tough and so many people are struggling with bills, so at one stage I thought maybe I had set the target too high.” However, we ultimately raised over €54,500, which is incredible, and I am grateful to the entire community for that.
The first beneficiaries have already planned carefully with the funds, as ABACAS is purchasing new supplies for the younger students throughout the school day and for their after-school program.

The funds will be divided four ways. “We think it’s important to have something for women in sport, so the Nicks are putting in state-of-the-art women’s changing rooms, so that’d be amazing for the women because at the moment they have to share,” says Natalie. “The money will be split four ways after ABACAS.”

“Furthermore, we wanted to support a relatively new project, the Drogheda Foodshare Project, which Fr. Colm and Margot (Ferry) are doing out of the Augustinian Church; I believe they are doing a tremendous amount of good with it.”I know it would have been great if someone had helped us in that way when we were first starting out.”

Not to mention, Drogheda Cares for the Homeless will receive the final quarter’s proceeds.
“There is currently hidden poverty and homelessness, where people are working but simply cannot afford to survive. This is becoming increasingly evident in Irish society as people simply cannot afford to get by until Friday.”
There were other items up for grabs in the raffle, including a top cash reward of €10,000, so the charities weren’t the only ones who came out ahead.
As discreet as ever, Natalie continues, “I won’t go into details but that is going to make a huge difference to the winner, and she is so deserving.”

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