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Toned at 55, Jennifer Aniston’s Mindful Workout Routine

We reveal the Friends star’s fitness routines. The 15-15-15 workout regimen and the cobb salad that Jennifer Aniston famously had every day while working on the Friends set have gone viral.
Regarding keeping a toned body, many have found inspiration from the 55-year-old Morning Show star. It is hardly surprising that the star of Murder Mystery, who enjoys Pilates, cycling, and cross-training, has such well-defined arms.

As many of Jennifer’s admirers are curious about how the 55-year-old actress keeps up her strength and endurance, HELLO! chats with Martyn Oakey, head of fitness at Sports Direct’s Everlast Gyms, to uncover the star of We’re the Millers’ training routines.

For anyone attempting to achieve Jennifer’s-like arms—strong and toned—Martyn has some crucial advise.

“You don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn and overexert yourself to achieve your body goals, especially as you get older,” he says. “Jennifer recently revealed that she has turned towards low-intensity, more mindful workouts, partially to avoid injury but also to take the pressure and stress off her body.”

Martyn reveals that Jennifer has been doing a certain type of exercise that her admirers can do as well. “Pvolve, which is endorsed by Jenifer Anniston, is a low-impact form of resistance training which uses patented resistance equipment in partnership with a range of stretches to help target muscle groups, improving flexibility, mobility and balance,” the trainer clarifies. “It is suitable for older women in particular as it is accessible for those who are pre or post-menopausal.”

The belief that you can target one part of your body to lose fat is untrue, as Martyn tells us, as working out only your arms would not give you the strength Jennifer has developed.

“Resistance training will help you build muscle if done alongside progressive overload, slowly building up the weight you use when training. If you’re not keen on the idea of weight training, Pilates and yoga are also options that can help you build strength,” he explains.

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