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Tammy Dickerson | Principal Owner | President and Founder

Strategic Brilliance, Creative Flair: Tammy Dickerson’s Corporate Excellence and Entertainment Finesse in Event Planning

Step into the pulsating heartbeat of event planning, where dreams materialize from mood boards, budgets transform into breathtaking realities and every meticulous detail contributes to a breathtaking crescendo of human connection.

Here, you’ll find Tammy Dickerson, CMP, the creative genius behind the curtain at tbg Events (formerly The Baker Group). As the Principal Owner, President and Founder, Tammy gracefully orchestrates a beautiful sequence of events with finesse crafting moments that leave a lasting impression. For over 27 years, she hasn’t merely organized gatherings—she’s mesmerizing narratives for politicians, global organizations, Fortune 100 companies, celebrities, and business tycoons crafting an indelible mark on the event production landscape.

Tammy’s journey, grounded in a background of business marketing and sales, reveals a trajectory adorned with marquee projects, from the Super Bowl, World Cup, the Olympics to arranging high-profile summits with Vice-President Al Gore. Yet, beyond the glitter of Fortune 100 collaborations, she balances roles as a dedicated wife, mother and community advocate.

In an industry where every detail echoes with possibilities, Tammy is emerging as a star behind the scenes transforming events into experiences that transcend the ordinary. Her narrative isn’t just about creating spectacles—it’s a living example of the artistry and strategic brilliance that define the dynamic world of event planning.

Innovation, Autonomy and Growth

In a reflective journey through her career, Tammy shares the transformative evolution of her leadership style which is shaped by experiences, challenges and a firm commitment to growth. Early on, Tammy’s leadership was influenced by mentors who emphasized clear communication and fostering collaboration. Embracing a participative approach, she valued her team’s input by creating a sense of shared ownership.

Tammy’s leadership philosophy centers on openness and transparency. “I believe in open, honest and pretty candid feedback,” she notes. Transparency and empathy form the bedrock of her approach fostering strong interpersonal relationships. Navigating challenges, Tammy learned to make decisions swiftly in the dynamic hospitality industry, evolving her style to balance decisiveness with collaboration.

In Tammy’s leadership today, you’ll find a wonderful mix of making decisions with a collaborative spirit. She’s all about clear communication, creating an innovative culture, and guiding while also giving room for independence. Tammy embraces change, values feedback, and believes in always getting better. With this approach, she feels sure about tackling future challenges and leading with a clear sense of purpose.

Milestones of Impact

In Tammy’s dynamic journey within the hospitality sector, the key achievements stand out as defining moments that have profoundly influenced her leadership. “Being selected as LASSO’s Top Women in Events and Biz Bash’s Top Most Influential Event Professionals are significant milestones,” she notes. These accomplishments reflect Tammy’s steadfast commitment to collaborative leadership, innovation and a customer-centric mindset.

However, her journey hasn’t been without challenges, each serving as a valuable learning experience and contributing to the refinement of her leadership style. Tammy emphasizes that these achievements now serve as the foundation of her professional growth, instilling in her the core values of ‘adaptability, resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence’ in the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality sector. This offers insights into the importance of perseverance, adaptability and a customer-focused approach in the world of hospitality leadership as emphasized by Tammy’s leadership.

Thriving Through Turbulence

In the face of the global pandemic in 2019, Tammy’s firm encountered a monumental challenge, but she reflects, “Our biggest challenge was not only surviving but THRIVING.” Moving into new office spaces just weeks before the pandemic struck left them ‘completely devastated.’ Navigating this crisis became a test of the business’s resilience and adaptability.

In response to the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Tammy and her team quickly embraced digital transformation, with a specific focus on e-commerce and strengthening their online presence. Tammy highlights the importance of customer-centric initiatives, which played a vital role in introducing flexible policies that showed understanding for changing needs. The use of virtual engagement became a cornerstone, ensuring ongoing communication and nurturing both customer loyalty and new connections.

The firm’s rapid pivot from in-person to virtual events showcased adaptability and innovation. Leveraging technology and key partnerships Dickerson and her firm’s workforce seamlessly transitioned to a virtual platform by maintaining engaging and immersive experiences. Tammy notes, “From March-December, 2019 we produced over 60 virtual events and doubled our event calendar.” Collaborative tools made it possible for dynamic presentations, interactive sessions, and real-time engagement, not only sustaining the event business but also broadening access to a global audience. This challenging period serves as an inspiring example of how adaptability, innovation, and a customer-centric approach can not only help survive but thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Tagline Insight

Being the driving force behind tbg Events, Tammy passionately expresses the company’s ethos through its tagline: ‘Exceptional Experiences… Powerful Execution.’ She emphasizes, “We strive each and every time to curate impactful experiences for our clients,” underlining the dedication to delivering excellence in live event production, a commitment that aligns seamlessly with her personal values and goals.

The tagline’s focus on ‘Exceptional Experiences’ resonates with Tammy’s belief in exceeding expectations in every endeavor. Whether orchestrating a multi-faceted conference or an intimate corporate retreat, the emphasis on creating memorable and impactful experiences mirrors her dedication to leaving a lasting impression.

Tammy finds particular significance in the phrase, “We curate impactful experiences,” as it reinforces her values of creativity and innovation in event planning. The word ‘curate’ reflects her belief in thoughtful and intentional event selection ensuring each occasion is not just organized but carefully crafted for maximum impact.

Describing tbg Events as her ‘baby,’ Tammy combines her love for outstanding event management with an organization that shares her values of excellence, innovation, and a dedication to unparalleled service. This alignment allows her to contribute meaningfully while pursuing her goals in the vibrant field of event production. It’s truly inspiring, highlighting the impact of aligning personal values with professional pursuits to create exceptional experiences in the world of event management.

In the Spotlight

Tammy’s leadership at tbg Events is defined by her commitment to innovation in the robust hospitality industry. She affirms, “We maintain our innovative edge through a proactive approach that embraces emerging trends, creative design and technology.” The team works diligently to foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptation ensuring they stay attuned to shifts in consumer preferences and industry advancements.

Being a part of industry trade events and conferences is a vital strategy for tbg Events. According to Tammy, “It keeps our team updated on industry changes and new innovations.” One standout initiative involves integrating virtual and augmented reality technologies strategically. By harnessing these cutting-edge tools, they turn traditional event experiences into interactive and unforgettable journeys for attendees.

In addition, tbg Events collaborates with industry influencers and creative partners to gain insights into emerging themes and design trends. Tammy emphasizes, “This collaborative approach ensures that our event concepts are not only innovative but also resonate with the evolving tastes of our target audience.” By staying ahead of the curve and implementing forward-thinking projects, the firm continues to set new standards and reinforce its position as a trailblazer in delivering exceptional and trendsetting experiences in the hospitality industry.

Breaking Barriers, Inspiring Change

As a distinguished woman and minority leader in hospitality, Tammy sees women leaders as key contributors to transforming the industry’s future through their diverse perspectives and inclusive leadership. She believes that women bring unique insights that promote innovation, collaboration, and adaptability, vital qualities in the hospitality landscape. Breaking traditional gender barriers, inspiring leaders like Tammy pave the way for a more equitable and balanced industry, motivating the next generation.

Tammy highlights the importance of empathetic leadership and fostering talent while cultivating workplace cultures that thrive. The impact of women leaders goes beyond individual organizations, influencing industry norms and shaping a future where diversity is celebrated. Tammy envisions a landscape where opportunities are accessible to all, ensuring the continued evolution and success of the hospitality sector.

Making Every Event Count

Tammy’s leadership at tbg Events extends beyond event planning, with a deep commitment to community engagement and social responsibility. She states, “We actively participate in local outreach programs, supporting initiatives like food drives and community events.” A Step to Freedom and Jack and Jill of America Inc., Inglewood Chapter, holds a special place as organizations strongly supported by the firm, contributing through educational and community initiatives.

Furthermore, tbg Events takes a proactive stance on sustainability. Tammy affirms, “We champion sustainability by working with venues to minimize our environmental footprint, implementing eco-friendly practices in our operations.” This dedication to minimizing impact showcases the firm’s holistic approach to responsible business practices.

In actively engaging with the community and prioritizing social responsibility, tbg Events aims to make a positive impact beyond the realm of event planning. This underscores the firm’s commitment to contributing to the well-being of the communities and clients they serve, emphasizing the importance of corporate social responsibility in the business landscape.

A Voice for Women

Celebrated as one of the most influential women leaders in hospitality, Tammy sees this acknowledgment as a heartfelt recognition of her 20+ years of contributions and a testament to breaking gender and minority barriers. She shares, “It signifies a responsibility to inspire and pave the way for aspiring women leaders.” Using this recognition, Tammy is committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Her plans involve mentoring emerging talents and actively engaging in industry forums.

With a dedication to catalyzing positive change, Tammy aims to create environments where women not only succeed but thrive. She modestly says, “I am truly honored by this recognition.” For her, it’s not just a personal achievement; it’s a platform to amplify the voices of women in hospitality. Tammy is devoted to promoting equal opportunities and empowering the industry to embrace the transformative impact of diverse leadership. Her words serve as an inspiration, highlighting the importance of inclusive leadership in paving the way for a more diverse and equitable future in the hospitality sector.

Guiding Lights

Tammy acknowledges the profound impact of personal and professional mentors on her career, stating, “Their guidance continues to provide invaluable insights and help to accelerate my professional growth.” She emphasizes the pivotal role mentorship plays, especially for women of color aspiring to leadership roles by offering a crucial support system, guidance through challenges and exposure to diverse perspectives.

In Tammy’s perspective, mentorship is a powerful tool across professional fields, breaking barriers, fostering confidence and navigating the path to leadership. Establishing strong networks and learning from seasoned professionals not only accelerates career development but also contributes to dismantling gender stereotypes. Tammy believes in the transformative potential of mentorship, creating a more inclusive environment where women can thrive in leadership roles.

Celebrating Differences

As a woman and minority-owned firm, tbg Events prioritizes diversity and inclusion. The company actively cultivates this environment through “deliberate hiring practices, solicitation with our creative partners and suppliers along with strong equal opportunity policies.” For Tammy, this commitment is integral to success, as she firmly believes that diverse teams contribute a rich collection of perspectives, fostering innovation and creativity.

Embracing inclusivity ensures a dynamic and collaborative work environment, positioning tbg Events as a forward-thinking and adaptive company. Tammy accentuates the importance of recognizing and valuing diverse talents, noting that it not only strengthens the workforce but also positions the company for sustained success in an ever-changing business landscape.

Show Up, Slow Down

In the pursuit of sustained leadership, Tammy places a strong emphasis on the vital importance of balancing work responsibilities and personal well-being. She shares, “I work really hard to prioritize effective time management, set boundaries, and embrace delegation to optimize work efficiency.” Navigating the challenges of a fast-paced world as both a mom and entrepreneur, Tammy underscores the significance of regular self-care, including exercise and mindfulness, for maintaining personal well-being.

Leading by example, Tammy aspires to create a supportive environment within her team that highlights the importance of a healthy work-life balance, where both professional and personal aspects coexist harmoniously. Recently launching the ‘Inward in Indio’ wellness retreat for women over 50, Tammy aims to provide a space for self-discovery and rejuvenation. She expresses a commitment to ‘showing up in the moment’ and embracing a slower pace to appreciate life fully, promoting a holistic approach to wellness.

Seamless Experiences, Lasting Impressions

Tammy emphasizes the pivotal role clients play at tbg Events, stating, “Our clients are the bedrock of our success.” With over 80% of the firm’s business coming from direct client referrals, she underscores that ensuring a high customer service experience is paramount to continued success.

The firm prioritizes and actively strives to enhance the customer experience through a relentless commitment to quality, personalized service and creative offerings. Tammy highlights the importance of actively seeking customer feedback and utilizing it to refine their event planning consulting services. The seasoned event professionals at tbg Events work tirelessly to stay attuned to customer preferences crafting seamless and memorable experiences.

Drawing from over 20+ years of experience, Tammy notes that satisfied clients become advocates fostering deeper partnerships and attracting new clientele. She emphasizes that the role of customer experience extends beyond transactions, shaping the brand reputation and building trust, ultimately positioning tbg Events as a market leader in the dynamic world of event planning.

Innovate, Elevate, Captivate

Tammy lays out the future ambitions for tbg Events with unwavering determination, declaring, “We aim to forge deeper strategic partnerships with corporations, extending our services to encompass corporate events, brand activations, and internal meetings.” The vision encompasses global expansion and fortifying corporate relationships, all while venturing into the dynamic realm of the entertainment sector.

The firm is poised to elevate its standing in the corporate realm by offering comprehensive services for a myriad of corporate events. Tammy underscores that this strategic leap will establish tbg Events as the preferred partner in the business events arena. Simultaneously, they envision substantial opportunities in the entertainment industry, aspiring to be the go-to provider for high-profile events on a global scale. This strategic expansion not only diversifies the firm’s portfolio but also cements its status as a versatile and sought-after brand in both corporate and entertainment circles. Tammy’s vision epitomizes the dynamic and ambitious trajectory of tbg Events in the ever-evolving landscape of event planning.

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