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Of Gen Z women, 59% are Sure they will be Financially Secure when they Retire

The latest research on retirement confidence among different generations reveals that Generation Z (born in 1997 or later) is the most optimistic about their financial preparedness for retirement. According to the 2023 Planning and Progress Study by Northwestern Mutual, 65% of Gen Z respondents are confident about their retirement readiness. This percentage is higher compared to 54% of millennials, 45% of Gen X, and 52% of baby boomers.

Notably, Gen Z women are even more optimistic, with 59% expressing confidence in their financial preparedness for retirement. This surpasses the confidence levels of women in other generations, including 43% of millennials, 38% of Gen X, and 48% of baby boomers.

The positive attitude toward retirement planning among Gen Z is attributed to their open-mindedness and willingness to seek guidance. Financial advisors note that Gen Z investors are unfiltered in expressing their thoughts and are not hesitant to ask questions or seek help. This generation’s inclination to vet financial information online or on social media platforms contributes to their ability to ask informed questions.

Certified financial planner Veronica Fuentes emphasizes that Gen Z’s openness and willingness to ask for help give them a significant advantage. This generation is also more exposed to financial education through various online tools and resources, providing them with a valuable edge.

The study suggests that Gen Z’s proactive approach to retirement planning, including early engagement and investment, contributes to their confidence. Advisors recommend regular revisiting of retirement savings plans and gradually increasing contributions over time. The positive attitude toward planning, coupled with early action, helps mitigate fears and keeps Gen Z on track for a comfortable retirement.

In conclusion, the research sheds light on the unique characteristics of Generation Z, highlighting their optimism, openness, and proactive approach to financial planning, particularly regarding retirement.

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