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Jacine Greenwood | Founder and CEO

Nurturing Beauty Through Botanicals: A Visionary Approach of Jacine Greenwood

A prominent figure in the cosmetic industry, often referred to as the fairy-godmother of skin, Jacine Greenwood is the Founder and CEO of Roccoco Botanicals. “With a global reputation as a cosmetic chemist, Jacine is driven by the vision of creating beauty products that nurture the skin’s natural resilience by supporting its barrier, utilizing botanicals with proven benefits.

Jacine’s journey into the world of skincare was born out of personal challenges. Struggling with acne-prone sensitive skin and witnessing her children develop eczema without finding effective solutions from existing products, Jacine felt compelled to seek a better way. This led to the inception of Roccoco Botanicals, a brand dedicated to addressing the unique needs of various skin types.

A Journey of Determination and Adaptability

Jacine’s educational path reflects her determination and adaptability. Initially pursuing a nursing degree, she faced numerous relocations due to her husband’s commitments. Despite the challenges, she pivoted to study beauty therapy, providing a foundational understanding of skin and treatment. Following a divorce, Jacine returned to complete her nursing degree, gaining valuable insights into how medications can impact the skin.

Investing in postgraduate courses, Jacine reached a pivotal moment where she recognized the need to create her own skincare products. She trained in aromatherapy, sparking an interest in botanical ingredients. Plants fascinated her, and at one point, she considered becoming a naturopath. The appeal lay in the fact that botanical ingredients could possess thousands of phytocompounds, making them intelligent choices for skincare due to their multifunctional nature.

Overcoming self-doubt, she embarked on a journey of self-teaching cosmetic chemistry, eventually earning qualifications as a cosmetic chemist.

Innovative Strategies and Philosophies

A pivotal moment for Jacine in shaping the growth and success of her business was the implementation of minimum order requirements. This strategic decision prevented the depletion of resources on clinics that generated minimal revenue, allowing the company to allocate efforts more efficiently. Following Pareto’s principles, they focused on identifying top-performing clinics and analyzed common traits to attract more of them.

Roccoco Botanicals distinguishes itself in the skincare industry through its unique philosophy. The brand’s emphasis on rapid results and tailored products for individuals prone to acne and sensitivity sets it apart.

Despite the misconception that natural ingredients are less effective, Roccoco Botanicals achieves impressive results using elements from nature. Jacine’s intuitive approach to formulation, leveraging her natural gift, contributes to the brand’s success. The true impact of their products often becomes apparent as positive results accumulate, challenging the conventional notions about the effectiveness of natural skincare.

Sustainability in Skincare

Roccoco Botanicals has consciously decided to collaborate with suppliers who prioritize sustainable practices. A significant number of the brand’s ingredients carry Eco certification. In their manufacturing process, water is recycled for cooling, and efforts are made to recycle the fill or packaging received.

The brand is committed to using recycled cardboard for its boxes, and there are plans to introduce refillable packaging, with the rollout scheduled for April of the coming year. This commitment to sustainability reflects Roccoco Botanicals’ dedication to environmental responsibility and reducing its ecological footprint in the skincare industry.

Myth Busting and Education

Jacine sheds light on a common myth in skincare—the belief that products labeled as “non-comedogenic” are inherently acne-safe. In reality, many products with this label may not be acne-safe, leading to confusion among customers who may experience breakouts after using them. This highlights the importance of educating consumers about the myths of product claims and ingredients.

As per Jacine, education has been a cornerstone of Roccoco Botanicals’ success. The brand initially utilized Instagram as a platform for education and later transitioned to a Facebook group. This shift provided a distinct advantage, allowing for the development of a more intimate relationship with customers. By using these social platforms to educate and engage, Roccoco Botanicals has created a space where customers can learn more about the brand, its products, and skincare practices, fostering a sense of connection and understanding.

Jacine acknowledges trends but doesn’t always embrace them. For her, innovation is about finding alternative solutions to problems that are either quicker or more effective. This pursuit of innovation involves staying informed about available actives and ingredients, as knowledge in this area is crucial for creative problem-solving.

Unseen Triumphs and Hiring Challenges

The most rewarding moments for Roccoco Botanicals have come from the creation of products that Jacine never released publicly. These products were developed for clients facing skin issues that couldn’t be resolved through traditional dermatological methods. Providing a solution and relief for these clients has been a significant and fulfilling accomplishment.

On the flip side, the brand has encountered significant obstacles, with one of the most prominent being the challenge of finding the right staff. Learning from trial and error, Jacine delved into understanding the recruitment process and refining her interviewing skills. This proactive approach led to a substantial reduction in the failure rate of hiring employees who weren’t the right fit for the brand, showcasing a commitment to continuous improvement and adaptability.

According to Jacine, the most significant challenge was establishing brand recognition, especially when competing against major established brands with more sophisticated marketing strategies. Initially, she adopted a strategy of providing the product for free, confident that those who tried it would become loyal customers. To build credibility, she actively engaged in forums and LinkedIn discussions on skincare, positioning herself as an expert and gaining the attention of estheticians in the USA, ultimately breaking into that market.

The Resilient Mindset

Jacine views resilience as a mindset, recognizing that there are always alternative ways to approach challenges. It involves maintaining an open mindset, remaining adaptable, and being receptive to other possibilities.

For self-care, Jacine emphasizes taking time out, whether listening to music or spending quality moments with her pets. Engaging in activities that induce relaxation is key. Country drives into nature, a gesture often facilitated by her husband, serves as a particularly effective way to unwind and tap into creativity. This holistic approach to well-being reflects an understanding of the importance of mental and emotional rejuvenation for resilience and creativity.

Global Formulation Approach

Roccoco Botanicals has also adapted some formulas to colder climates, considering the USA’s and Australia’s climate disparity. Jacine emphasizes the value of firsthand experience gained through travel, allowing her to formulate better products tailored to specific environments. Testing these formulations in the actual climate provides valuable insights for refinement.

Empowering Women in Beauty Entrepreneurship

Jacine highlights women’s critical role in the beauty space, emphasizing the unique insight they bring to innovation by understanding the needs and desires of their own gender. This perspective allows women entrepreneurs to create products and solutions that resonate with their target audience.

She offers valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of providing something of value that people genuinely want or need. Jacine cautions against entering business with untested ideas and encourages seeking mentorship or gaining knowledge through reading. Additionally, she advises outsourcing and hiring as soon as possible to allow entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths and core competencies. This strategic approach can contribute to the success and sustainability of a business.

Team-Oriented Culture and Commitment to Sustainability

Roccoco Botanicals prioritizes a team-oriented culture from the initial interview process, communicating the company’s values and emphasizing a collaborative environment where the mindset is focused on teamwork rather than individuals saying, “That’s not my job.” This approach allows the company to identify individuals who align with the team’s ethos during the interview.

Jacine emphasizes Roccoco Botanicals’ commitment to its team by providing above-award wages and opportunities for further growth. Additionally, the company contributes to women’s organizations, actively supporting and encouraging women to enter the business world. In line with environmentally conscious practices, Roccoco Botanicals participates in recycling initiatives for packaging and boxes, and the recent launch of refillable packaging underscores the brand’s dedication to sustainability. This holistic approach reflects a commitment to the well-being of the team and the broader community and environmental responsibility.

Global Expansion and Diversification

Jacine envisions global expansion, with plans to enter the Canadian market in the next 12 months. Additionally, Roccoco Botanicals is exploring opportunities for expansion into India, with plans to meet potential distributors in December. Over the next two years, the company aims to diversify its product offerings by venturing into hair and body care. This strategic vision reflects the brand’s ambition to grow its presence internationally and expand its product portfolio.

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