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Danielle Phippen | Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Access

Meticulous Planning, Impactful Results: The Danielle Phippen Way

Event management and hospitality services aren’t only about booking avenue and serving food! Here, the professionals are actually creating special experiences that people will remember long after the event concludes. Surrounded by the vibrant energy of diverse attendees, whether it be at a conference hall or an intimate celebration, the importance of seamless experiences and exceptional service becomes vital. It is curating moments that leave a lasting impression.

With the goal to craft unforgettable experiences for everyone, Danielle Phippen is a seasoned professional excelling in the world of event management and hospitality. As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Access, Danielle embodies the qualities of an entrepreneur, creative strategist and dedicated teammate. Her journey began with a simple yet profound aspiration—to build something she’s proud of and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

For Danielle, each day at Access is a realization of that vision. Together with her team, she crafts exceptional experiences that leave a lasting impression. From coast to coast and city to city, Access prioritizes client satisfaction and service excellence. Their innovative solutions and local expertise ensure that every event exceeds expectations.

At Access, it’s not just about organizing events—it’s about transforming them into shared experiences that inspire and drive change. With Danielle’s leadership and the Access team’s commitment to collaboration, clients can expect nothing less than a five-star experience that resonates long after the event concludes.

Whether planning a corporate conference or a lavish celebration, come discover the Access difference and how it is elevating events to new heights!

Creating Shared Experiences

Danielle’s journey began in marketing and advertising, where her passion ignited her career. However, life took an unexpected turn after the events of 9/11 and the dot-com bust in 2011. Finding herself in Vail, Colorado, she embraced the ski bum lifestyle. It was there, while perusing the local paper that Danielle stumbled upon an ad for a ‘Marketing Coordinator’ position.

25 years later,” she reflects, “I’m living my best life in hospitality.” Now fully immersed in her entrepreneurial pursuits, Danielle thrives on creating inspiring events and experiences that foster incredible shared moments. For her, it’s all about crafting unforgettable memories that inspire organizational change.

Spectacular Settings

In our world,” Danielle explains, “creativity is melding experience and unhinged imagination to create something extraordinary for our clients.” For her, it’s about limitless inspiration backed by solid execution.

One of Danielle’s most memorable projects was ‘a single night, $1M event for 80 people on the side of the mountain in Colorado.’ This extraordinary occasion brought together headline entertainment, a 6-course pairing dinner and stunning décor, all against the backdrop of the ‘magical mountain sky umbrella.’

Overcoming Obstacles

Danielle reflects on the challenges she’s encountered, which are primarily centered around her evolution as a leader. Having been entrenched in a hands-on managerial role for so long, she initially struggled to transition into an inspirational leadership style, particularly in guiding the next generation. However, the ethos of leaving a positive legacy deeply resonated with her. To bridge this gap, Danielle committed herself to personal development by investing in business coaches and training programs to hone her leadership skills.

We believe in finding great people and cultivating their potential to achieve greatness,” she emphasizes. Overcoming this obstacle of self-transformation, though fraught with setbacks and failures, has proven immensely rewarding. Today, Danielle leads teams that inspire greatness beyond what she once envisioned, a testament to the value of continual growth and investment in oneself as a leader.

Unconventional Excellence

Danielle emphasizes the power of collaboration and a ‘scrappy’ approach. “We’re inspired by those around us and in our industry,” she explains. “Then we dig deep to find solutions and imagine things never done before – that’s the scrappy part!” Working alongside talented individuals, she believes in pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities reflecting a philosophy rooted in innovation and teamwork.

Cultivating Creativity

Innovation within our team and company stems from two key factors,” Danielle elucidates. “Firstly, our commitment to fostering a ‘Great Place to Work’ culture, which was officially certified in 2023 – a testament to our employees’ satisfaction and dedication.” Secondly, she adds, “We embrace a ‘failure is okay’ management approach, instilling confidence in our team to explore new ideas without fear of repercussion.”

This high-performance environment encourages a dynamic of trial and error leading to both significant successes and enhanced confidence among our team members. It’s this blend of culture and mindset that drives the innovation forward.

Diversity Driven Success

The leadership approach and the importance of diversity and inclusion as Danielle explains, “In the marketing, creative and hospitality realm, we naturally gravitate towards a variety of people, backgrounds and experiences to stay ahead of the curve; it’s vital in our industry.”

Embracing diversity enriches their approach fostering innovation and adaptability. Danielle recognizes the significance of inclusivity, understanding that diverse perspectives fuel creativity and drive success in their dynamic field.

Defining Distinction

Two years ago, Danielle’s team embarked on a brand reimagination journey, crafting a distinct brand style and culture. “We’re approachable yet dedicated to excellence,” she explains. Balancing fun and playfulness with professionalism defines their brand ethos.

Once they clarified their identity, maintaining consistency became effortless and pushing boundaries became intrinsic to their brand approach. This commitment to innovation ensures their brand remains dynamic and relevant, reflecting their strong dedication to delivering exceptional experiences.


In Danielle’s view, technology serves as both a constant game-changer and a stabilizer. “We’re amidst a period of growth and change, and we wholeheartedly embrace it,” she asserts. With a restless creative spirit, her team eagerly anticipates the next innovation.

As soon as a technology becomes the ‘household standard,’ they’re already geared up for what’s next. Today, AI dominates, but tomorrow holds endless possibilities. Regardless of what emerges, Danielle’s team stands prepared to adapt and harness new technologies to continue delivering exceptional results in the industry.

Consulting with Clarity

Danielle’s team operates with a keen sense of discernment. “We delve beyond surface impressions, ensuring clarity on fundamental facts and needs,” she emphasizes. Acting as true consultants, they constantly evaluate whether ideas align with their strategic vision.

By prioritizing the ‘why’ before the ‘what,’ they lay a solid foundation for success. This approach has yielded significant achievements, allowing them to focus efforts on tasks that truly drive their objectives forward. With a commitment to strategic thinking and meticulous planning, Danielle’s team consistently delivers impactful results in their endeavors.

Empowering Women

Danielle hopes to inspire young women in their pursuit of leadership roles within their industry. Despite comprising over 70% of the workforce, women remain underrepresented in top leadership positions. As a female leader herself, Danielle aims to challenge this disparity and empower women to aspire to leadership roles.

By breaking barriers and setting an example of success, she seeks to encourage the next generation of women to dream big and strive for leadership excellence. Through mentorship, advocacy and personal example, Danielle endeavors to create a more inclusive and diverse leadership landscape for future generations of women.

The Resilient Mindset

Danielle underscores the importance of untiring dedication, resilience and openness to feedback in achieving success. “Work hard,” she advises, “even when it feels super challenging. Embrace failure, but never give up. Remain receptive to feedback and coaching—it’s essential for growth.”

Self-reflection, she emphasizes, is a catalyst for personal development. Above all discipline is paramount. By embodying these principles, individuals can navigate obstacles, refine their skills and ultimately realize their full potential in both personal and professional realms.

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