You are currently viewing Mentor for IMAA Female Leaders of Tomorrow: Gaye Steel of Torrens University

Mentor for IMAA Female Leaders of Tomorrow: Gaye Steel of Torrens University

The Independent Media Association (IMAA) initiated the Female Leaders of Tomorrow program earlier in the year, as part of its mission to support long-term diversity and inclusivity within independent media businesses across the country.

The six-month IMAA program pairs senior employees with emerging women in independent media agencies to facilitate possibilities for professional growth and knowledge exchange, with the goal of establishing a support system between established industry leaders and their mentees.

Gaye Steel, a professor at Torrens University in Australia and head of marketing and content, is one of the IMAA mentors taking part in the program. She expressed her opinion and opportunities for women in business.

“To embrace change is the most important career advice I’ve ever heard. In the corporate world, change is inevitable, so in order to remain competitive, one must innovate and adapt. This guidance has helped me to be receptive to novel concepts, tools, and methods in both marketing campaigns and projects as well as more general company strategy areas. It has made it possible for me to successfully lead teams through a variety of industry changes and emphasize the value of empathy, communication, and a common future vision.”

“Gail Kelly, the former CEO of Westpac Banking Corporation, is an Australian woman leader I greatly admire.” It is truly inspiring to follow Gail’s incredible journey from beginning her career as a teller to becoming the first female CEO of a significant Australian bank. Her dedication to diversity and inclusion, as well as her active promotion of gender equality inside the organization, were hallmarks of her leadership. I was deeply impacted by Gail’s leadership style, which was characterized by humility, genuineness, and a sincere concern for her team members and clients. She emphasized the significance of striking a balance between a successful career and a happy personal life and urged others to follow suit. Gail Kelly’s narrative demonstrates what can be accomplished in the corporate world with perseverance, hard work, and a desire to positive change. Live, Lead, and Learn by Gail Kelly is a worthwhile read.”

“It is imperative that there be more female leaders in the industry for a number of reasons. First, a wider range of viewpoints, inventiveness, and methods to problem-solving are brought about by diversity in leadership. Second, it creates a more equal and balanced industry by encouraging the next generation of women to aspire to leadership posts. Finally, having a diverse range of genders at the top fosters creativity and better represents the varied clientele that companies cater to, creating more inclusive and prosperous enterprises.”

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