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Dr. Zarine Manchanda | CEO

Embrace Boldness: Dr. Zarine Manchanda’s Path to Lasting Impressions

Dr. Zarine Manchanda stands as a guiding light of multifaceted success in the dynamic realm of leadership and entrepreneurship. As the CEO of Zarine Manchanda Company, her journey exemplifies her relentless pursuit of excellence. Beyond the business sphere, Dr. Zarine’s impact reverberates through diverse realms.

With a trailblazing career, she has garnered awards and media acclaim, propelling her into pivotal roles. Dr. Zarine proudly serves as the Regional Director for BRICS, overseeing India’s trade alliance with Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa. Her strategic acumen plays a key role in India’s global presence, underscored by hosting the G20 world leaders. Additionally, she holds the prestigious position of Chairperson and Editor in Chief for the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Himachal Pradesh shaping narratives on media reform, press freedom and human rights.

Beyond these accomplishments, Dr. Zarine has embarked on a transformative political journey, founding the Zarine Manchanda People’s Party. In April 2024, she will contest elections as an MLA from Mumbai’s Andheri suburb. These ventures mark an exciting chapter in her life, demonstrating her commitment to shaping not only businesses but also the political landscape.

Let’s explore Dr. Zarine’s dynamic leadership which extends far beyond the boardroom, leaving a permanent mark on the broader parts of society!

Innovation and Tradition

Dr. Zarine is a true inheritor of her father’s wisdom and she has forged a unique entrepreneurial path. Inspired by her father’s counsel, she echoes, “In business, it is important to lead with a distinctive USP and not to follow the crowd.” Her journey has been an embodiment to this philosophy.

Dr. Zarine’s ventures are an intricate combination of innovation and tradition. The Zarine Manchanda Café hailed as India’s first 7-star café, stands as an example of her bold vision. Reflecting on her father’s advice, she notes that success generally comes from being the first to enter a market sector. Embracing this ethos, she introduced Flavors of the Himachal Pradesh restaurant in Mumbai showcasing the distinctive cuisine of her home state.

Breaking barriers, she proudly mentions, “Zarine Manchanda Premium Security Agency is the first security agency in India owned and operated by a woman.” Her businesses are like threads in a vibrant and beautiful fabric, weaving together luxury and spiritual charm. “My brand combines the concepts of luxury and spiritual charm,” she explains, “widely embraced by clients and customers in India and overseas.”

With a successful track record, Dr. Zarine now sets her sights on broader horizons. “I am looking to expand these companies throughout India and internationally as well,” she declares. Her mission encapsulates a blend of luxury and spiritual allure appealing not just to a local audience but resonating globally.

In the world of Dr. Zarine, each business is not just a venture—it’s a pioneering endeavor. “I followed my father’s good advice as all of my businesses are first of a kind and one of a kind,” she beams. In every corner of her enterprises, one finds the essence of innovation as evidence of a philosophy deeply rooted in her entrepreneurial DNA.

Twists, Turns and Triumphs

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Dr. Zarine’s journey from the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh to the bustling streets of Mumbai is nothing short of a Bollywood script. Reflecting on her upbringing, she reminisces, “Life is simple there amidst abundant natural beauty with robust farmlands and the peaks of the Himalayas nearby.” Blessed with a ‘Princess Life’ as the daughter of a prominent Minister and a successful businessman, she dared to dream beyond her luxuries and create a name of her own.

Driven by a childhood aspiration shared by many Indian girls, Dr. Zarine set her sights on becoming a Bollywood star. Departing from her ‘Princess Life,’ she ventured to Mumbai with the determination to make a mark. Recalling those early days, she admits, “I did not know a single person in Mumbai.” Undeterred by her innocence and sheltered rural upbringing, she embarked on auditions and taking rickshaws across the city. Despite tireless efforts, Bollywood stardom eluded her and she faced hardships during the course.

Advising others from her own experience and reflecting on her mother’s wisdom. Ahe shares, “My dear mother always raised me to have a B Plan.” Leveraging her political DNA inherited from her dynamic father, she pivoted towards a new journey. In 2019, the Zarine Manchanda Foundation emerged as her B Plan which is a charity NGO aimed at serving Mumbai’s poorest residents. “Although my intent was simply to serve the poor and provide them compassionate care and dignity,” she notes as the media spotlight found her leading to global recognition as ‘The Princess of the Poor.’

Amid accolades and awards, including National Awards, Governor Awards and the prestigious Nelson Mandela Peace Award, Dr. Zarine found the perfect moment to transition into entrepreneurship. “With the media and award frenzy for my Foundation,” she reflects, “I thought it was the perfect time to immerse myself as an entrepreneur.” Between 2020 and 2022, she established a constellation of businesses, each an example of her resilience and commitment to serving both the privileged and the underprivileged.

From Bollywood dreams to a philanthropic icon and now a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Zarine’s journey continues to inspire proving that every twist and turn can lead to a fulfilling destination.

Boldly Breaking Grounds

My dear father always urged me to lead, not follow, to have a bold vision, to act bold and be bold, to not follow the crowd,” says Dr. Zarine which reflects on the wisdom that shaped her journey. Growing up amidst her father’s political and business successes, she internalized the advice to be ‘one-of-a-kind and first-of-a-kind’ in her professional endeavors.

Becoming a CEO felt like a natural progression as it was guided by the principles of boldness and uniqueness. Dr. Zarine emphasizes, “I was following good advice and building my brand and my businesses based on my life experiences and passions.” The foundation of all her ventures rests on the pillars of luxury and spiritual charm, concepts deeply ingrained in her.

Acknowledging the challenges of venturing into unfamiliar territories, she admits, “I had never operated a café or cloud kitchen or restaurant or security agency before.” Undeterred, she faced the steep learning curves head-on. Today, with businesses thriving, Dr. Zarine affirms, “In the end, all has worked out well and I am happy to say.” This exemplifies the power of bold vision, resilience and staying true to one’s unique principles.

Commanding the Narrative

For me, the buck starts and stops with me; my name is on each of my enterprises,” asserts Dr. Zarine. Leading dynamically with charisma, she emphasizes, “I want to enact a bold vision, a one-of-a-kind USP.” Taking personal responsibility, she ensures that her business practices align with this vision.

Dr. Zarine is guided by the principles of luxury and spiritual charm, allowing these ideals to shape decision-making and overall operations across her diverse companies. Her commitment to a distinctive and principled approach sets the tone for a business philosophy that resonates through each venture.

Lessons from Home

In mentioning my parents as role models, it may seem trite, but they truly are,” affirms Dr. Zarine. Grateful for their profound influence, she notes, “I owe everything to them along with their legacy and love are part of every moment of my life.” From her father, she imbibed dynamic and charismatic leadership witnessing firsthand how he made every individual feel valued. “My mother instilled in me the virtues of spiritual practice and the notions of karma and God-focused practices,” she explains.

Guided by her mother’s teachings, Dr. Zarine emphasizes, “There is only one path in life that is intense and dedicated spiritual practice. On these points, there can be only commitment, without deviation.” The combination of these influences forms the bedrock of her success and shapes a life motivated by their extraordinary legacy.

Luxury, Spirituality, Global Impact

The vision for my brand and my companies is to have a global footprint and international foundation,” declares Dr. Zarine fueled by ambition and determination. Anchoring her businesses initially in Mumbai and expanding across India, she emphasizes, “I am determined to see this vision become reality and to implement the blueprint already in place.”

With her name on each enterprise, Dr. Zarine ensures alignment with her leadership approach. Putting her passions and life experiences into action, she affirms, “I am operating these enterprises, all infused with luxury and spiritual charm.” Her pledge to a global presence reflects a strategic foresight underpinned by a unique blend of principles that define her brand and its journey towards international prominence.

Synergy of Uniqueness

The values and culture that define my enterprises focus on boldness, being unique, first of its kind and one-of-a-kind with a commitment to luxury and spiritual charm,” affirms Dr. Zarine. Central to her approach is ensuring that ‘the customer and client is King (or Queen!)’ emphasizing a commitment to transparency and ethics in business operations.

Dr. Zarine underscores, “My managers and staff have to subscribe to these values so that things function naturally and organically.” Fortunately, her team recognizes they are part of a special and unique brand creating a harmonious synergy between the values upheld and the daily functioning of the enterprises. This dedication to distinctive principles forms the base of a brand that prioritizes uniqueness, customer satisfaction and ethical business practices.

Simplicity in Success

In the hospitality sector, innovation is important, but not the primary driving force since we are not in the IT or other sectors where innovation rules,” explains Dr. Zarine. For her, success is grounded in a simple yet profound vision—to bring luxury and spiritual charm to our loyal and esteemed clients and customers. These timeless concepts, she notes, are both enduring and straightforward in implementation. Recognizing universal desires, she remarks that everyone wants luxury and hopefully spiritual charm as well. The media’s embrace of these concepts reflects their resonance with the masses.

Dr. Zarine views her businesses as maintaining a steady course anchored in a clear, simple and positive direction. She observes, “I don’t see my current businesses as rapidly changing.” This deliberate approach ensures success, allowing for necessary tweaks while preserving a trajectory that will be embraced for generations.

In the Rough and Tough

The main challenge is ensuring that I command and receive respect as a young woman business owner,” acknowledges Dr. Zarine. Proud of her Indian roots, she confronts the unequal playing field between men and women in her homeland. Despite positive shifts, a gap remains in the paternalistic society.

Dr. Zarine, as a young entrepreneur, asserts, “I need to make sure I am taken seriously.” Managing a security firm where clients are predominantly older men, she faces the hurdle of age and gender. Reflecting on her approach, she states, “I earn their respect and trust by knowing my business, understanding theirs and engaging in discussions as well as negotiations in a respectful, transparent manner.”

To navigate the challenges, Dr. Zarine transformed herself into a resilient CEO. “When I moved to Mumbai, I was quite innocent and sheltered based on my upbringing in Himachal Pradesh,” she reveals. Adapting to the rough and tough business environment of Mumbai required her to toughen up. “To run businesses in rough and tough Mumbai, I had to become rough and tough myself,” she acknowledges. This transformation, she notes, is a remarkable aspect of her journey. Dr. Zarine’s resilience and adaptability in breaking gender and age barriers are not only a personal triumph but exemplary to the evolving landscape for women entrepreneurs in India.

Beyond Labels

We allocate a robust percentage of profits to charity and CSR-related contributions. Since the media labels me as an inspirational role model, it is important that actions match words in this regard. We strive to make our community better mainly by helping the poor and providing them compassionate care, hope and belief for a better life as well as opportunities to advance and succeed through education and other important initiatives.

Elevating Enterprises

I will expand the current portfolio of businesses globally, as I mentioned,” affirms Dr. Zarine. In her upcoming ventures, she plans to diversify into real estate, construction, hotels, beauty, nutrition, lifestyle, and IT, including patented technologies. Undeterred by the breadth of sectors, she reiterates, “This business expansion will still use the pillars of my brand of luxury and spiritual charm.” Dr. Zarine’s strategic expansion reflects a commitment to her brand’s core values, ensuring a seamless integration of diverse sectors under the unifying principles of luxury and spiritual charm.

Fearless Futures

I always tell women the same good advice I receivedthink bold, act bold, be bold. Don’t be afraid to take risks,” imparts Dr. Zarine reflecting the guidance that shaped her journey. Encouraging women to embrace leadership, she asserts that boldness and leadership are not solely male virtues. Dr. Zarine advocates for women to forge their own management style aligned with their passions, life experiences and core beliefs.

Focused on a lasting impact, she emphasizes, “I am less focused on trends and innovation and more focused on a bold vision that will continue for generations.” Driven by a desire for international reach, she envisions her bold and unique vision extending beyond India. Her words serve as a rallying call for women to confidently chart their paths, embodying boldness and leadership that transcend societal expectations.

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