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Kristen Ambos

Beyond Numbers: Kristen Ambos’ Personalized Approach Redefining Mortgages with Expertise and Empathy

The mortgage industry represents more than just financial transactions—it embodies the cornerstone of dreams, the gateway to stability and the foundation upon which families build their futures. It symbolizes the aspirations of individuals and the realization of the quintessential American dream—owning a home.

Beyond the numbers and paperwork, the mortgage industry signifies hope, security and the promise of a better tomorrow for countless families across the nation. Making this process easier and touching the lives of people every day, one name resonates with expertise and dedication—Kristen Ambos, the Producing Regional Manager at Guaranteed Rate.

With a passion for helping others navigate the intricate world of mortgages, Kristen embarked on her journey in 2002, right after graduating from the University of WI–Stevens Point. Since then, she has become a beacon of knowledge, guiding clients in the Greater Green Bay & Fox Valley area across Wisconsin and is now expanding nationwide. For Kristen, mortgages are the building blocks of dreams and the keystones of financial stability for families.

In her role as a Producing Regional Manager at Guaranteed Rate, Kristen has found her calling. She believes in the power of education and takes the time to enlighten her clients about the diverse mortgage options available. Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer seeking guidance or a homeowner refinancing their forever abode, Kristen specializes in Residential Lending, offering a plethora of products including WHEDA, FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans, as well as their unique 1% down purchase program.

What sets Kristen apart is her commitment to ensuring that every client not only secures a suitable mortgage but also comprehends the nuances of their financial commitment. To her, understanding the mortgage is empowering. Kristen’s mission aligns seamlessly with Guaranteed Rate’s vision to Revolutionize Life’s Biggest Purchase™. With a focus on providing low-rate home loans without hidden fees, a straightforward process and compassionate customer guidance, Kristen embodies this mission in every interaction.

In a world where homeownership represents stability and dreams fulfilled, Kristen is the trusted guide, transforming complex transactions into seamless journeys. Let’s delve into her journey to learn more!

Building Homes, Bridging Dreams

Kristen embarked on her real estate journey right after college graduation. “I knew I wanted to be in the Real Estate field,” she recalls. Fate intervened when she became a part-time assistant to a Senior Loan Officer. “I started in mortgage and the rest is history!”

Her passion for real estate found its niche, guiding her to success. Kristen’s story resonates with aspiring professionals, proving that the right opportunity can shape a fulfilling career. For her, it all began with mentorship and determination, a testament to the endless possibilities in the real estate world.

Building Success Brick by Brick

In the midst of the 2008-2010 housing crisis, Kristen stood firm, holding onto her values. “I never compromised my morals or ethics,” she asserts. Those challenging times became the catalyst for her commitment to transparency. “I decided to work as transparently as I could,” she emphasizes, ensuring clients have the best shot at successful home ownership. Kristen’s integrity shines, reminding all that honesty and dedication pave the way for lasting success in the real estate world.

Where Dreams Soar and Barriers Shatter

From the moment I started at GR, I knew that’s where I wanted to be,’” Kristen reflects, her determination evident. Rising above the male-dominated banking/mortgage industry, she proudly holds the title of #1 Loan Officer in WI for Purchase Percentage.

Her success not only marks personal achievement but paves the way for fellow females. “GR gave me the tools I need to meet that goal,” she emphasizes, showcasing the power of perseverance and the impact of supportive workplaces, an inspiration to break barriers and pursue aspirations.

Mortgage Mavericks

Transparency, understanding and willingness,” Kristen emphasizes, defining her approach as a leader. She embodies the values she expects from her team, never delegating tasks she wouldn’t do herself. “I’m ‘in the trenches’ with them,” she states, writing loans and advocating for her employees.

For her, leadership means working ‘FOR them,’ ensuring their roles are seamless while maintaining accountability. Kristen’s philosophy resonates, highlighting the essence of true leadership—a collaborative effort where mutual respect and shared responsibilities create a thriving work environment, benefitting both employees and clients alike.

Wellness in the Palm

GR just rolled out our new Rate app,” Kristen shares, her enthusiasm evident. The app is an example of their commitment, focusing not only on financial but also mental and physical well-being.

In a tech-dominated era, maintaining genuine connections with clients is paramount. “Staying in touch via phone calls, video and social media is important,” she stresses. Kristen’s approach underscores the significance of ongoing support beyond transactions fostering lasting relationships.

The Rate app serves as a bridge, ensuring clients’ holistic wellness while reinforcing the human touch in an increasingly digital landscape redefining industry standard.

Bridges of Belief

I am a HUGE believer in this cause,” Kristen passionately states while talking about giving back to the community and the philanthropic initiatives she is been involved in. For her, giving back to the community is not just a duty but a heartfelt commitment. “Our communities need us most,” she emphasizes.

Kristen actively contributes by serving on committees for charities like NEW Community Shelter, Toys for Tots, Homes for Heroes, Make a Wish, and Feeding America. She goes beyond, personally donating meals to the local Community Shelter.

Kristen’s empathy shines through—she understands the struggles people face daily. “They need someone to believe in them,” she affirms. Her dedication to making a difference serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact kindness and generosity can have on the lives of others, fostering a sense of unity and support within the community.

Paving the Path

As much as I hate to say it, being a woman,” Kristen reflects, acknowledging the challenges she faced in her journey. Overcoming nearly 15 years of hurdles and numerous bosses, she persevered without succumbing to setbacks. “I never let it get me down or used it as an excuse,” she asserts, highlighting her resilience. Instead, these obstacles fueled her determination, pushing her to work tirelessly.

Now, with supportive leadership, Kristen thrives. “I have every opportunity I need to continue to grow and help others,” she affirms. This reflects her resolve and inspiration to confront barriers head-on, regardless of gender and to seize every opportunity for personal and professional advancement.

Daily Lessons, Endless Growth

I am constantly learning and simplifying for consumers,” Kristen shares. In an industry often perceived as ‘clear as mud,’ she embraces humility, acknowledging the vastness of knowledge. “I push myself to learn something new, every day,” she emphasizes. Her dedication to continuous education resonates with the importance of staying curious and open-minded, irrespective of expertise level, fostering a culture of perpetual learning and growth.

Breaking the Circle

That talking in circles or being deceptive with the consumer is by the wayside and no longer has space in the industry. “For so long,” Kristen emphasizes, “I’ve watched Loan Officers charge points to borrowers and then give them a credit back off of closing costs (just a portion of the points charged).” They do this so the LO could pocket a few more dollars rather than giving them the lowest rate they could qualify for.

They also advertise a ‘free refinance’ or ‘no closing costs’ when in fact, they are still charging the consumer, but it’s at the expense of a higher rate to cover the fees, without giving them both rate options (with fees and without paying fees) and letting the consumer decide for themselves.

Kristen shares, “These are blatant violations of deception that I still see being used, even in our local market.” The more the consumers research, the more they can learn to protect themselves and Kristen is always there to share as much as possible. Her commitment to education transcends transactions, aiming to equip clients with the information needed to make informed decisions.

Teamwork Triumphs

We meet regularly, discussing our wins and challenges,” Kristen shares insightfully. In the ever-fluctuating real estate landscape, where highs and lows have defined the last 24 months, teamwork is crucial. Kristen emphasizes the importance of ‘working together‘ to harness available tools and navigate the market efficiently for the clients.

Through open dialogue and shared knowledge, Kristen and her team foster a supportive environment, ensuring they adapt and thrive amidst market fluctuations. Her approach underscores the importance of unity and continuous learning, offering readers a glimpse into the collaborative spirit that propels professionals forward in challenging times, benefiting both buyers and industry experts alike.

Work-Life Synergy

Kristen emphasizes, “Work for a company who believes in work-life balance as much as you do!” She adds, “To be honest ‘I love what I do,” Kristen admits, blending work seamlessly into her life.”

For her, work-life balance means integrating work with daily routines. Leveraging her company’s tools, she effortlessly manages tasks. “I can do a full pre-approval from anywhere,” she shares, citing a user-friendly app. This flexibility enables her to handle work duties even during lunch meetings or while traveling showcasing the modern marvels of technology.

Kristen’s approach highlights the importance of adaptable work solutions allowing professionals to maintain a fulfilling career while embracing life’s moments, demonstrating that with the right tools, balance becomes achievable, enriching both work and personal experiences.

Demystifying Real Estate

I believe our opportunity to be on social media and bring truth to the industry is going to continue to be huge.” ‘ Kristen affirms, recognizing its potential for industry transformation. As the market challenges the industry, she sees a silver lining. “We will have another opportunity to bring even more transparency and education to housing,” she predicts. People are increasingly eager to understand how their money can work for them and build equity for the future.

Kristen’s insight sheds light on the vital role social media plays in disseminating knowledge, bridging the information gap and empowering individuals to navigate the complex world of finance and real estate with confidence.

In Good Faith

A great reputation for giving back, working hard and fairness is crucial,” Kristen says with resolute confidence. Her commitment to philanthropy and strong work ethic precedes her, creating a legacy of generosity and integrity. “I believe in treating everyone fairly,” she emphasizes, encapsulating her values.

Empowering Pathways

I am truly living my goals,” Kristen shares, reflecting on her fulfilling journey. Leading a remarkable team of Loan Officers in Wisconsin, she remains deeply involved in guiding clients toward their homeownership dreams. Her passion fuels her desire to mentor others further. “I believe at some point I will work even closer with Loan Officers,” she envisions.

Kristen’s story speaks of ongoing ambition and dedication. As a leader and mentor, she continues to shape the industry, inspiring readers to pursue their aspirations with determination and illustrating that personal success is a journey marked by continuous growth and meaningful contributions.

Home Loans, Career Goals

As the Chairwoman of GROW (Guaranteed Rate Organization of Women), Kristen passionately mentors women and men within GR Companies and beyond. “I have mentored about 30 different women around the United States,” she reveals, underlining the transformative impact.

Through GROW, she extends her expertise, hosting impactful webinars for professionals in various sectors. Kristen’s dedication highlights the profound influence mentorship can have, showcasing the power of sharing knowledge and fostering connections for personal and professional enrichment, making a positive difference in countless lives.

Building a Solid Foundation

Get with a leader/mentor,” Kristen advises, emphasizing the importance of a supportive mentorship. “They should invite you to learn and grow.” For her, mentorship isn’t about personal gain but a shared effort. Her insight encourages aspiring professionals to seek mentors who foster growth and collaboration ensuring a thriving industry. Kristen’s words echo the essence of mentorship, underscoring the collective responsibility of nurturing the next generation of professionals.

“From Myths to Mastery

It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ industry,” Kristen asserts, dispelling misconceptions about mortgage careers. Success in this field demands continuous hard work, determination and overcoming challenges. “You have to have great knowledge & understanding,” she emphasizes, highlighting the importance of expertise.

In an age of internet research, she emphasizes the value of working with a hands-on professional. Every client’s trust must be earned through delivering on promises and demonstrating unparalleled knowledge of mortgage guidelines and loan programs.

Kristen’s insight serves as a reminder that genuine expertise and dedication are the cornerstones of a thriving mortgage career by recognizing the value of expertise and personalized service.

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