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Saskatchewan Invests $255,000 to Support Newcomer Women Entrepreneurs

The provincial and federal governments are collaborating to provide $255,000 in funding to the Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) organization. This investment will be used to support the organization’s newcomer training support program and to conduct research on the unique needs of newcomer women entrepreneurs in the province.

According to the announcement made in Saskatoon, the Government of Saskatchewan will contribute $128,000, while the federal government will provide $127,000 through the National Action Plan to End Gender Based Violence. This funding will enable WESK to target up to 25 eligible women, either with an existing business or those interested in starting, growing, or expanding their businesses.

Miriam Johnson, the CEO of WESK, emphasized that investing in newcomer women entrepreneurs not only fosters economic growth but also cultivates an inclusive business environment. She stated that through tailored programs and strategic partnerships with newcomer support organizations, WESK is dedicated to equipping these women with the skills, knowledge, financial support, and resources they need to succeed as they adjust to their new home province and country.

Ana Liza Carlos, a WESK member and the owner of Little Patch of Heaven Daycare in Saskatoon, shared her positive experience with the organization, stating that the support from her advisor and the resources she received were instrumental in her business journey in Canada. She credited WESK with providing her with the tools, templates, and confidence to run her business in the country.

In addition to the newcomer training support program, the funding will also be used to conduct research on the unique needs of newcomer women entrepreneurs. The findings from this research will help WESK develop specific programming to better support this target group.

Since 2017, WESK has been offering programs designed to cater to the needs of women entrepreneurs, with a focus on Indigenous women, women in rural and northern communities, women in tech, and various entrepreneurial phases. This latest investment in newcomer women entrepreneurs further demonstrates the organization’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment for all women entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

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