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As Access Increases, Women Leaders use Networking to their Advantage

According to the findings of a survey conducted by senior executive women’s community Chief and business intelligence company Morning Consult, women leaders are confident in the power of networking, with C-suite and VP-level women twice as likely as managers or directors to report strong satisfaction with the support they receive.

According to Chief co-founder Lindsay Kaplan, the results come at a time when networking has gotten easier for women as a result of the pandemic.

According to a nationwide survey of 751 women in management positions and above, networking not only plays a crucial role in assisting women in reaching professional milestones but also generates wider operational and financial benefits for businesses.

In order to join a board (90 percent), break into the C-suite (84 percent), or locate a new job with better salary (81 percent), more than 80 percent of respondents claimed they have used networking to advance their careers.

More than 70% claimed to have used networking to accomplish business objectives like securing new clients (85%), putting new models or frameworks into practise (84%), managing successful projects (82%), streamlining procedures (76%) and saving money for their group or organisation (74%).

Carolyn Childers, CEO and Chief Co-founder said, “We often hear the adage ‘Women are bad at networking, in a statement announcing the survey’s results. “The data shows that women leaders use networking to achieve their career aspirations, navigate challenges and improve company performance.”

Ninety-one percent of the women polled said they have confidence in the strength of their networks and their capacity to create new relationships. Women in the C-suite and VP positions are more than twice as likely (63 percent vs. 29 percent) to express strong satisfaction with the assistance from their networks.

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